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sir i want to upgrade my amd-c60 apu processor with HD Radeon Graphics of Asus k53u Laptop/Notebook. I want a powerfull processor instead.

Question asked by on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by janagewen

sir my friend has a notebook which is giving very frustrated performance so we want to upgrade the processor.

Model - Asus K53U

Processor - Amd C-60 APU with HD Radeon Graphics.

Clock speed - 1Ghz

Cores - dual core

Ram - 2GB


We want to upgrade the current processor with a powerfull one to get better performance. Please Guide us with right information. We don't know the CPU socket type and what processors are supportable for the notebook . I also searched online but found no solution and our Local IT personals are telling me that the laptop processor cannot be upgraded instead buy a new laptop. This is a humble request from you all " My friend is poor in finance but he wants to learn more and develop apps in different software fields so i want to support him". You all are my last hope

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