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    obsolete drivers in neverwinter (16.10.2) with r9 390



      im trying to play neverwinter with my r9 390 but it keeps crashing on dx11. At the start of the game it says that my graphic card drivers are obsolete. When i force the game to use dx9, it works but the frame rates are terrible. Can someone from amd add support for this game plz? I like the game but it is sad that i can't polay it properly... even though with good hardware. Im not the only one with issues on neverwinter, especially people who use amd cards. Don't get me wrong i love my r9 390 but i just want the game to work


      My specs:

      core i5 4690

      16 gb ram 1600mhz

      msi r9 390 (16.10.2)

      750w psu