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Problem with R7 M265 when updating the lastest driver on windows 10 with Acer e1-572g

Question asked by gamy on Oct 21, 2016
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Hi all,

Thanks for your indulgence with my annoying question asked.


Long story short...


First phrase..

1. I accidentally uninstalled AMD install manager on Program/Feature menu and terminate in the middle of the process.

2. Then I download the latest driver from AMD, which is 16.9.2

3. When I install it, it crashed and my cursor does not move at all.

4. I force to stop it by hold and press the power button.

5. Cannot boot to windows and freeze with black screen

6. I system restored to previous point.

7. I found the AMD install manager is still here but only contains "AMD Setting Branding".


Second Phrase

8. Then I used the DDU to clean and restart the AMD (try to re-install the latest AMD version where possible).

9. I checked the device manager and cannot see any AMD graphic card.

10. Then try to install the latest version to recover this issue, it freeze again twice.

11. I reluctantly restored back to previous system restore point, where missing the component, which on step 7...

12. I tried again install the latest drive in safe mode, but it said "detect driver error and ask for AMD assistance".

13. Then back to normal mode, try the step 10 again but failed and freeze on screen again.


I did a lot of research about this issue, but tired to do it again and wait for the specialised staff here to answer my question. How should I do next? Is that any comprehensive step to resolve this problem?


Thank heaps!


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