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RX 460 Fan at 0%

Question asked by jc8865 on Sep 27, 2016
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Thought I better start a new post and not highjack someone elses.

I have a new video card just picked up today the RX 460 4GB..followed the online directions by uninstalling,using DDU in safe mode and rebooting to do a clean driver install.

I went into the Radeon settings and into Global Settings to check fan speed. The fan is currently at 0rpm and there is no way to adjust it even with manual fan control. It remains at 0rpm. I have not yet even tried to game with this as I am afraid the fan wont kick in and don't want to damage this brand new card. Am I missing something obvious to see the fan speed and/or be able to control it? The 16.9.2 Software is a bit different than what I had on my old R7 260. Although it seems pretty straight forward I didn't see a need to reboot or anything but after manually adjusting the fan speed and hitting "apply"..nothing changed. I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue and what else I can do to troubleshoot it. I would appreciate any help I can get at this point.