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    Radeon HD 4200 dual monitor issue


      At my wits end. I have an older system, quite serviceable, but older and I'd like to update to dual monitor. Radeon HD 4200 has one VGA and one DVI-D port. I have bought an ACTIVE DVI-D to VGA converter for the DVI-D port as both monitors are VGA. I'm running Win 7 Home Premium 64. Neither Windows nor Vision Engine can detect the second display.


      Here is the frustrating part. Both monitors are receiving signal through the boot process right up to the login screen. At that point the one on the DVI-D port says "no signal" and drops into power saver mode. Boot continues normally on the VGA screen. After weeks of messing with this, including trying different monitors and and even ordering another converter with no success, today I fully uninstalled the Vision Engine Control Center, ran CCleaner, and reinstalled using the 13-9-legacy_vista_win7_64_dd_ccc_whql.exe file found on the AMD site. LOOK! Dual monitors! Detecting perfectly! Interestingly it did not ask for a reboot. It was just suddenly working as it should... for a brief shining moment..


      Later I rebooted. And I am back to square one. I have tried three or four times to completely uninstall Catalyst/Vision Engine, rerun CCleaner and reinstall exactly as before to no avail. Security is turned off so that shouldn't be in the way, but I cannot replicate the earlier success, however when I remove Catalyst/Vision Engine the monitors will now mirror. (same display on both) so it's not the converter and not the card (I assume). in subsequent attempts I have also tried the AMDCleanUpUtility and DDU, bringing the system up in safe mode as requested. Nothing. It's the same every time. Once Catalyst/Vision Engine has installed the monitor on the DVI-D port goes to sleep.


      Anyone? Could the BIOS be involved?