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    How do I get Sponsored by AMD ,Who Should I ask ?


      Hello ,

              My name is Aashik , I have been following  technology since middle school and always went with AMD .I always wonder ,when I look at many channels in Youtube,how do they get the product,that is like way over their pay grade.Yes , I found the answer it was "Sponsorship".So to start a youtube channel and to call myself an "Extreme Tech Enthusiast" I got my self the following

      1. Camera : Canon EOS 500D

      2. Software :

                           a. Adobe Premiere CS6

                           b. Adobe Photoshop CS6

      3. Tripod : Silk F153

      4. Green Screen

      5. Microphone : Blue Snow Ball

      6. A Decent Powerful Laptop


               Now ,I am starting a Channel on Youtube which promises Quality and Precise Content for which I need the help of AMD

      Everything is setup to produce super quality videos but I need products to feature compare etc.

      My Questions are :

      1. Am I eligible to be sponsored by AMD

      2. Could anyone please advise me whom I should Contact to discuss the details regarding sponsorship


      Oh and yeah ,  I took a hell lot of practice sessions focusing on plain cardboard boxes and editing them .


      Thanks a Lot

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          Hey bro!


          Being a YouTuber for almost 2 years now I thought I'd tell you some stuff I learned along the way.


               I started youtube when I built my first real computer, a very budget minded build that was running an Athlon X2 750k and a cheap little nvidia 610. My first video was an installation video that I did with my Corsair H80i. After this I kept making videos, but I realized that I couldn't fund this without help, so I did EXTENSIVE research and emailed almost 20 companies for help. I eventually got the help I needed but this wasn't done by simply asking. I had to prove that I was worth the investment.


               BUT even after I stopped receiving the help I did, I still had to make videos, so I did what I should've done from the beginning. I got a job even though I was still in school, and I started investing the majority of my money on my youtube channel. This is how every youtube channel starts, its a test to put your creativity to the limits. I was extremely lucky that I found someone that wanted to help me and gain experience ( this was AMD of course ) but not everyone can be that fortunate. If I could give you any advice as a fellow content creator, it must be to just make videos and show your worth. It takes more skill to make something out of nothing, even if that something isn't the best quality.


          Hopefully I helped you out here, feel free to check out my youtube channel if you'd like : ADRTechReviews - YouTube



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            Sponsorships don't come from a promise but from action.  As adr_tech said, do some work, put some videos out, get the views and the subscribers.  Then you get noticed.  Somethings I have heard from some YouTuber's is that they would purchase a product for a review and return it.  Borrow stuff from friends and family.  Make quality content and good things may come from it.

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              Thanks A Lot iamthesaga oregon and adr_tech


              I'm going to start reviewing the stuff that I bought