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How do I get Sponsored by AMD ,Who Should I ask ?

Question asked by beastmaster64 on Sep 23, 2016
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Hello ,

        My name is Aashik , I have been following  technology since middle school and always went with AMD .I always wonder ,when I look at many channels in Youtube,how do they get the product,that is like way over their pay grade.Yes , I found the answer it was "Sponsorship".So to start a youtube channel and to call myself an "Extreme Tech Enthusiast" I got my self the following

1. Camera : Canon EOS 500D

2. Software :

                     a. Adobe Premiere CS6

                     b. Adobe Photoshop CS6

3. Tripod : Silk F153

4. Green Screen

5. Microphone : Blue Snow Ball

6. A Decent Powerful Laptop


         Now ,I am starting a Channel on Youtube which promises Quality and Precise Content for which I need the help of AMD

Everything is setup to produce super quality videos but I need products to feature compare etc.

My Questions are :

1. Am I eligible to be sponsored by AMD

2. Could anyone please advise me whom I should Contact to discuss the details regarding sponsorship


Oh and yeah ,  I took a hell lot of practice sessions focusing on plain cardboard boxes and editing them .


Thanks a Lot