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Event 4101 Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

Question asked by jakslap on Sep 9, 2016

OK this is getting ridiculous now,


I had this issue "Event 4101 amdkmdap" crashing since last year with Windows 8.1 using a R9 280x.

I have just Re-formatted my computer and now using a r9 390x using the latest drivers 16.9.1, i have the latest bios for my motherboard, latest intel drivers and latest audio drivers, windows 10 is up to date.

i have tried three different bench-marking applications, Unigen Valley, Heaven and 3DMark Firestrike, i would have also included Furmark but i know someone will just say "it over stresses the video card". While bench-marking all my components are at stock speed "NO OVERCLOCKING"


Can someone from AMD please address this issue, its been too long now


I am writing this as of 9/9/2016, enough is enough.

This problem has nothing to do with Windows 10 Anniversary edition i had this same problem when using Windows 8.1 with a R9 280x, and now have the same issue with a R9 390x using Windows 10.