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    ATI 1250 Graphics card driver for windows 7


      I have a Dell inspiron 1721 and i need the driver for the onboard graphics card this i have been told is the graphics card I have.


      ATI 1250 Graphics card.

      Please is there the driver out there as I have searched everywhere for it.

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          That graphics card supports Win XP and Vista only. There are no Win7 drivers for it.

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            Right now, there appears to be a semi-passable driver that the automatic detection and installation tool available for free on the ati website automatically installs on a windows-7 inspiron 1721, like the one I'm typing this message on.


            The problem is when I try to play some games, like "Rimworld."


            Rimworld is a space colony simulation.  They were going somewhere in cryosleep when something smacked into your starliner and turned it into a bunch of shrapnel.  Three of them managed to get into escape pods before the thing managed to completely shred itself.  Now, they're stuck on some backwater rimworld trying to build a livable community, reclaim lost technologies, assemble a makeshift starship and get back into the stars.  In this scenario, you are God--or, more appropriately, a guiding angel, for lack of a better term, sent to guide the survivors in the business of what they are doing.  And they're so stupid that they would be lost without you.


            The problem I have with the thing, now, is that most of the playing surface comes out as a magenta field.  This includes details that the game can't function without.

            I write "now" because I updated the driver yesterday and the pictures got much, much clearer.  This gives me hope that the folks at ATI might still be working on the thing.

            Is there any way to confirm that there is still work going on with the driver, and, if not (see my bio) could I find an NDA somewhere and try to do the work myself?  Yeah.  BSCS, RIT, 1986.  Mensa card.  30.000 word vocab (think "Shakespear").  Can read assembly language that I've never seen before.  This would be a great wa for me to resharpen the skulls that Crohn's disease has left a little dull,