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Screen flickering and more

Question asked by amd_fan on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by amd_fan

Hi guys!


I need some help to solve a problem I'm having since some months ago.

Since some months ago I'm having a weird issue with my old HD7850. I don't know how to describe the issue but there's a video from another guy on youtube with the exact same problem:

But in my case the problem is happening with HD7850. This started when they released Crimson, some weeks after that... It happens frequently when I'm browsing the web and even more frequently when I'm watching a movie. The strange part is that this doesn't happen when I'm playing games.


Until now, the flickering was the only problem I had but before yesterday something more strange happened. See the picture below:





The PC was working normally because I was able to hear my friends on teamspeak, but the image was flashing and with all that color bars (as seen in the picture above). I turned off and on my monitor to see if it was a monitor problem. The monitor turned on without any problem, showing the ASUS logo and then, when the DVI signal was shown, the problem was still there. So.. The problem isn't in the monitor.


After that I restarted my PC and a driver notification appeared saying that Wattman configurations was set to default because of a crash.


The strange thing is that 2 days already passed with intensive usage (playing games like BF1) and I didn't had any other crash. Does someone have an idea what can I do to solve all this problems? The first one (flickering) is somewhat common if you search on reddit and other places and there is no solution


Some things I did trying to solve the flickering:

-> Tested many crimson versions

-> Tested my RAM's with memtest86+

-> Cleaned all my PC components and changed the 6 pin power supply cable that the GPU is using

-> Reinstalled windows (for other reasons)



  • Sapphire HD 7850
  • i5-3450 3.50 GHz
  • ASUS P8B75-M LX
  • XFX PRO SERIES 650W Core Edition


Thanks!! I hope someone can help me