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    Rx480 random black screen while gaming

      • AMD Graphics Card
        • Rx480
      • Desktop
      • Operating System
        • Win 10

           Driver version installed

      • Software Crimson Edition 16.8.2



      When I first installed the graphics card i didn't have all these adapters just the dvi to hdmi adapter ran 1 screen didn't have any issues very often. Sometimes the display driver will recover other times it just stays black screens and I am forced to hard shutdown the machine. I used DDU and cleaned out my previous driver before installing this one. I had no luck in 16.8.3 so i rolled back. Just tried switching the Rx480 into my other PCI-E slot thinking the slot might be going bad after 5 years of being cooked by my previous card. Any ideas welcome

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          I just bought a Rx 480.  I am running Freesync with a LG 4K monitor.  I am having random black screens flashing while gaming.  I tried all three of the latest drivers.  I tried turning off Freesync and VSync.  No results.  I am ready to take this GPU back.  I work at Best Buy and will probably encourage all my customers to steer clear of the RX series of cards.  This is the latest one from XFX too!  My GTX 660ti from four years ago could handle the gaming load that I am putting this thing through.  Plus the fans scream like a small turbo jet engine.  Please help AMD!!!!

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            Do you expect your blackscreens in games or is it in idle mode, browsing and so on randomly?

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              My black screening and stuttering is only during gaming.  I haven't tried watching video yet, though.


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                It's always while gaming never on idle, or randomly. Think it may be overheating? The fan on this card i almost never hear it vs my old one. Also it doesn't black screen while playing low end graphic games. Ect Stardew Valley, Old school emulator Mario, mega man rpgs. I normally crash playing Starcraft 2, Heroes of the storm, Rust.

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                  I've been having a similar problem. For me it has only happened in games. Have you changed anything in Wattman?

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                    I undervolted the card and I started to see it happen. I though it might be that so I took it off. Every time I have tried to undervolt it has done this. Last night I turned all my settings back to default and haven't had a problem yet. At default settings the card will throttle the GPU in order to avoid overheating but also avoid the fans spinning too high. every time I have experienced a black screen, it has been just prior to a small sound change in the fan. It almost sounds like the card is trying to change something but fails and that causes the card to crash. I don't know for certain but its what i'm guessing. With default setting though I have not had the issue. I will keep up the updates. 

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                      I restored my wattman back to defaults from when i messed with it a bit, not to mention wattman crashes half the time i access it. I normally can't hear my fan with my headset on if it makes a sound when the driver crashes.That is really annoying if that is what is crashing the driver when the fan switches speeds not much i can really do about it. Since i don't want to set a base line fan speed it may not be enough =P. I have alot less crashes in performance mode and if i turn settings down low. I honestly think your right with the fan speed changing it would be the only thing that would be random enough. It's pretty odd tho.

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                        I've lowered the wattage and frequency slightly.  I adjusted the fan speed up.  Still black screening during load.  I tried cursing at it too.  No results.




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                          Okay so tonight I loaded the computer and it blacked out before I could log in. I restarted and logged in. Everything was at default. I played for a little bit and it blacked out again. I reloaded the computer and tried increasing the stock fan speed to 3k rpm. The temps did not go over 82C. The fan was at 2200rpm when it blacked out this last time.... Starting to think the card is defective. During this entire process of tinkering I have not once overclocked it.

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                            i might be in the same boat they might have a return incoming.

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                              Which game produced the crash? Changed voltage or default? Does driver say that it had crashed after restart? Which crimson version.

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                                WOW is what I was playing when it crashed. I'm at stock voltage. I was originally using Crimson 16.8.2 Hotfix. I tried using the DDU uninstaller and got rid of everything. and rolled back to 16.7.3 which is what I'm using now. None of this helped. When I was tweaking with Wattman, When the Screen went black and I restarted, Wattman would tell me it went beck to default settings due to an unexpected error or crash. I can't remember the exact wording... anyways, nothing has worked but I did make an observation. I had my power settings to balanced and that makes the screen go black after 20 minutes. Everytime I have come back to my computer after a certain amount of time had gone, the screens would be black and there was no way I could come out of this. I had to restart. I wonder if this issue has something to do with the display turn off that normally is triggered by windows???

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                                  I had the same thing happen, when the screen goes black when I'm away and it is froze up.  I even bought a 850 watt PSU to see if power was the issue.  Same thing.  I don't have time to continue troubleshooting this Rx 480.  I'm replacing it with a 10 series Nvidia.  Sucks that now I have to return my 4K LG monitor because what's the point of having free sync with a company that produces garbage like this.

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                                    I bet it has something to do with all the adapters.  You probably need ACTIVE adapters as PASSIVE adapters have been causing some issues.

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