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MS KB3125574 (Win7 SP1 rollup) will lead uninstall driver BSOD - Cannot install driver afterwards (Install Manager have HDMI only)

Question asked by hklamgary on Aug 24, 2016
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Update on 4 Sep 2016:


In these days, I tried many time to clean install Windows 7 to find out the reason.

And tried two display card , HD6670 and RX 470.

I found that Microsoft patch KB3125574-v4 (Convenience rollup update for Windows 7 SP1) will lead the driver uninstallation crash and have BSOD.


Below steps to replicate:
1. Clean install Windows 7 SP1 64bit
2. Install Crimson 16.8.3 or 17.7.3 or any version of Catalyst and reboot
3. Install Microsoft patch KB3125574-v4 and reboot
4. Uninstall Crimson or Catalyst in Windows Control Panel
5. When driver unstall, must have memory crash and BSOD during uninstallation


Below are the minidump files of crashes.

Crash item:


6.1.7601.23455 (win7sp1_ldr.160516-0600)


- EventData

  BugcheckCode 268435582
  BugcheckParameter1 0xffffffffc0000005
  BugcheckParameter2 0xfffff80004cb2a88
  BugcheckParameter3 0xfffff88004d93578
  BugcheckParameter4 0xfffff88004d92dd0
  SleepInProgress false
  PowerButtonTimestamp 0


6. After BSOD and reboot, you will find your driver is not clean completely.

7. Then you need to use AMD Clean Up Utility or DDU to clean the driver package

8. After this, you will encount below installation issue - AMD Installer only have "HDMI Audio Driver"




Original post:


My PC have three Windows.
Two are Windows 7 SP1 and one is Windows 10. Both were installed all Windows Update.


I uninstall Catalyst 15.11.1 in both three Windows and shut down my PC to replace RX 470.

Then I replace my HD6670 to RX 470 and boot my Windows 10 first, Windows 10 can install driver and no problem.
But I cannot install driver on both two Windows 7.


For the AMD Installer, I only got below options to install.
- HDMI Audio Driver
- AMD Install Manager


There is no Display Card Driver and Crimson Centre to select.
The driver package I tried 16.8.2 and 16.7.3
Both version have this issue.


Since cannot install driver from AMD Installer, I only can manual scan and install driver from Windows Device Manager after extract driver package.

i.e.   Packages\Drivers\Display\W76A_INF\

And manual install Crimson Centre from this path



After manual install and reboot, it works properly and can play games and videos.

So the issue is I cannot install driver and control center from AMD Installer in Windows 7.

Please advise. Thanks a lot.



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