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    RX 480 Random Black Screen on Idle Desktop


      I am getting random black screens on my idle desktop with my Powercolor RX 480 8GB reference.

      It happens every 2-10 mins. The computer is still running, so if I put it to sleep and wake it back up, it works until it gets black screen again.

      When I run a game in the background, it does not go black. Hence I assume it is related with the graphic card's idle state.

      I am seeing many others with RX 480 having similar issue. I am also getting the mouse cursor that this guy is getting Multiple Problems With RX 480

      Will AMD address this?


      My Current System

      CPU: i7-5820K

      Mobo: GA-X99M-Gaming 5

      RAM: 8GB*2 G.Skill Ripjaw 4 2400mhz

      GPU: Powercolor RX 480 8GB Reference

      PSU: Seasonic X-1050

      OS: Windows 10 64bit with 16.8.2 Hotfix drivers

      Monitor: Dell U3415W 3440x1440@60hz

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          its a driver issue report it to amd i had to go back to 16.7.2 hotfix

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            im having the same issue. it seems like, at least in my case, that making a custom fan curve, on either the cpu or gpu, makes it alot worse for me. with custom fan curves i get bsod all the time but its totally random. but with no custom curves it seems to not do it nearly as much, ill go entire days without it happening but if i mess with any fan curve it starts doing it again.

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              So I got a reply from AMD, and it seems going back to 16.7.2 is the only solution for now.


              Dear Customer,

              Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200704759]} has been reviewed and updated.

              Response and Service Request History:

              Thanks for your email.

              I understand that you are observing a black screen on your system on idle state, the issue doesn’t reproduce when the game runs on background.

              • Graphic card: RX480.
              • OS: Windows 10 64bit
              • You are also observing an cursor bug.

              This issue could have been caused due to any of the following reasons.

              • Driver files Conflict.
              • Corrupted driver files.

              If the issue started after any recent hardware or software update, then you could rollback to the previous driver, or restoring the system to the previous restore point, where you were not observing this issue, to resolve this issue instantly.

              Performing the clean installation of the latest driver could resolve this issue.

              Clean installation is nothing but removing all the leftovers of the previous/existing driver from the system completely. Overwriting on the existing driver causes driver files conflict and could lead to some performance issue.

              To perform this, please make use of the DDU tool, a device driver uninstallation utility.

              I would request you to uninstall the drivers by entering to Safe Mode on your computer. It will help you completely uninstall AMD graphics card drivers and packages from your system, without leaving leftovers behind.

              Once the older/existing driver is completely removed, please download and install the 16.7.2 driver, provided in the below link:


              Also, ensure that you have installed all the available critical, recommended and optional updates. Often .Net framework and Visual C are included in the recommended or optional updates. Windows should always be fully up to date before installing our drivers.

              Please check the issue status after performing the above.

              Thank you.

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                Just to give the heads up that this problem doesn't happens with all displays.

                I have the same problem when using the card on my 4K UDHTV (via HDMI).

                Usually happens when I'm browsing on the TV (never happens when playing games).

                The interesting part is that I'm back on my usual monitor (1440p via Display Port) and I've never experienced the black screen on this monitor.


                I think this may be a bug on the card's drivers, but it's only happening in some displays (maybe a timing problem?)

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                  Hello man. I got the same black screen, lost video signal, at idle on windows 10 64. I bought a reference 8gb Amd Rx 480 from Pcyes, uninstall my previous hd 7870 and its drivers through windows control panel, downloaded the last crimnsons drivers 16.7.3 and 16.8.2, installed the Rx 480 and  installed the crimnson 16.8.2. Gameplay was right, no bugs whatsoever, but once on web or idle on desktop and began lost display, black screen (happened at windows load too, so no chance of login). The system was running ok and active, so everytime i lost video, had to power down trough power button instead of a reset, that could damage my files. So, surfing the web looking for help i found this post and many others on the community. Well, i found a right answer to my problem trough this post: RX 480 blackscreen . I followed the steps from Mr. Amdmatt and solve my problem. So here i am, sharing it. In my case, i ´ve done: 1) installed my hd 7870 (working 100%, so not a problem with any other pc componnent)  2) update my mb bios to the last version. 3) Update win 10 to the last version (anniversary) and run CCleaner to hd and registry clean  4) run sfc/scannow on windows power shell.  5) Visual c++ 2013 installed. 6) installed DDU. 7) Create a restore point. 8) Download Crimson 16.7.2 WHQL package. 9) Run DDU (Safe mode, after a restart) and unistalled and cleaned old vga drivers. 10) Turn off the cpu. 11) Install RX 480.  12) Turn on cpu, load windows with basic vga drivers. 13) Installed the drivers that came with the board, through dvd. 14) Very happy now that everything is working 100%!   15)  Did not installed the latest WHQL drivers, yet.

                  My system:

                  PSU Evga 600w

                  Gigabyte B75M-D3h (on board video disabled)

                  Core i5 3570

                  24 gb ddr3 1600

                  ultra II 240gb

                  4tb + 500gb hdd


                  Pcyes RX 480  8gb reference

                  Lg ultra hdtv 43" 2160p @ 60hz  through Hdmi 2.0.

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                    Same here. Clean Windows 10 re-install. Random black screen. Same system was running fine for a few week on old drivers until I've reinstalled Windows with new drivers.

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                      Same here on Rx 470

                      Specs: motherboard: asus b85m-e , Intel 4570,750w power supply, windows 10 original.

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                        Found a workArround: Enable igpu (motherboard gpu) and set it as primary, and plug a monitor on it. I have two, and the second to the radeon.


                        Now seems to work fine.

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                          I'm having this same issue with an RFX Radeon RX460 I just installed with the newest drivers. I followed the advice above and uninstalled all the ATI drivers, then tried to install using the driver package at the link provided. Problem was, the driver package didn't try to install a graphics driver, just the HDMI audio. There were literally no other options, nothing left to click.


                          This card is driving a 4k monitor at 4096x2160 @ 60hz. The card going blank is something I can't replicate, seems to be completely random. Requires a computer restart to get it back.

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                            Installed latest 16.8.3 drivers. Didn't have a single black screen since in 48 hours.

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                              Just got a RX 480 From an RMA today and i've been having this problem since i installed.


                              Help. Raid healer.. kinda important.


                              How come this hasn't been fixed yet for a new product? Its October ffs. (Has happened 3 times in the course of writing this post)

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                                Same issue here, having latest drivers, version 16.10.1. Guess I have to try with an old driver version (16.7.2 driver). Next time I'll choose Nvidia

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                                    Same issue here. Get bsod typcally on desktop or while watching a movie. Sapphire RX 470 nitro+ 4GB


                                    Just had 4 bsod while watching a movie. Gave up watching it...


                                    Will a RMA help or should I wait? Change for a GTX 1060?


                                    Fresh install with windows 10 and all updates with latest drivers.


                                    Tested with 2 crimson drivers (bsod with both):

                                    16.10.2 WHQL

                                    16.10.3 hotfix


                                    Tested with 2 different screens (Bsod on both):

                                    Tested LG Oled EF950v tv using HDMI 3840x2160 60Hz RGB Full 4:4:4

                                    Tested HP Monitor Display Port 1920x1080



                                    Weird thing is that its stable when testing:


                                    Prime95: ok

                                    3D Mark timespy: ok

                                    Ashes of singularity benchmark: ok

                                    Rise of the Tom Raider benchark: ok

                                    Also did a full pass in memtest just in case: ok


                                    This computer build: (System has never been overclocked)


                                    PSU: Corsair RM650x

                                    Motherboard: Asus Z170i pro gaming (upgraded to latest bios yesterday also)

                                    CPU: I5-6500 with stock fan

                                    Memory: Kingston HyperX 16GB DDR4 (Only running at 2133MHz)

                                    SSD: Samsung 850 EVO M2

                                    Graphics: Sapphire RX 470 nitro+ 4GB


                                    This computer was a 100% stable since it was built like 7-9 months ago using the builtin cpu graphics HD 530.

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                                    A possible fix : go to AMD Radeon Settings "Display" and at Scaling Mode change it from default mode ("Preserve aspect ratio") to "Full mode". It didn't work for me but maybe it will work for others.

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                                      Think this is the first thread pointing out that this could be a 4K issue.

                                      I only get the Blank/Black screens when I play heavy games (excluding ROTR).

                                      Doesnt happen when I play less intensive games like CS:GO  or older games.


                                      Sapphire Nitro+ 8GB 480 in Crossfire.

                                      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, fully updated.

                                      Currently just hit the black screen again and (my only way to fix it) had to hard reset. (shutdown) I removed the second card and will try some testing at 1080p/1440p, I dont think one card can handle 4K res on its own.


                                      I have a 28" 4K monitor. I didnt think it could be a 4K output issue till now.

                                      CPU: i7-4790K

                                      Mobo: Z97X-Gaming 7

                                      RAM: 8GB*2 G.Skill Ripjaw 4 2400mhz

                                      GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 8GB *2

                                      PSU: Corsair AX850

                                      OS: Windows 10 64bit with 16.10.2

                                      Monitor: Lenovo li2821wa 3840x2160@60hz DP 1.2

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                                          It's not only a 4k issue. I took my computer to work and tested it on a HP 24 inch using Displayport cable 1920x1080. Same problem BSOD. video_tdr_failure atikmpag.sys

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                                              Sorry mate thought I replied to the entire thread, not just your post.

                                              I dont get BSODs, just a black screen like the display driver crashed and the only fix is to hard reset.


                                              think youre the only one here getting a BSOD. are you sure your drivers are installed correctly (have you tried installing all in preceeding levels? 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 then 10.10, Use Windows Uninstall if you are on Intel, not DDU)? is there anyway you can try on a fresh install of windows. or Dual boot into Windows 7 and try?


                                              Your BSOD actually is a better thing than our problem, in that yours actually leaves a Dump file. find it and and upload it to a Windows 10 forums asking if anyone can help decipher what the problem could be.

                                              My guess is that it may be hardware related.

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                                            New driver didnt fix a thing. Was good for 30 minutes. Now its a waterfall of 3 a minute at minimum.


                                            Thanks AMD for nothing once again.

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                                                Bearaids, I just scanned up this thread and noticed you didnt post your specs(thought you were Magnusr, recommending that user to RMA their card, def Hardware issue)


                                                Can you please be more helpful before you go around pointing fingers.


                                                Would just like to clear up that I switched around my cards (CF) and for some unknown reason one of my card's fans have gotten very audible but NO MORE BLACK SCREEN! =O

                                                Currently looking into how these "Quick Connect" fan replacement RMA works with Sapphire.

                                                I played with one card (overclock.net suggested a PSU issue with over-current protection and 2 cards, 850W PSU is about 3 years old now so I tried it just to be sure)

                                                lowered P-states in Wattman down to 1100 in the last two states. One card setup worded as expected (flawless) stuck the other card back in, but forget why I changed slots around, BAM. playing my usual games, no black screens. Think it may have to do with the Undervolting.


                                                So Tip! Tip!, try Undervolting your cards using Wattman, there's a ton of tutorials (RX 480s are super popular) look for the one by AdoredTV, best Video Card expert on YT imo.

                                                Undervolting works on all cards, not just 480s.

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                                                I have a Asus Strix RX480, already had black screens and gray screens, lag on windows, but was the Asus GPU Tweak that was causing the problem, now seems fixed with their latest Asus GPU Tweak update app.


                                                But I already got blue screens too.


                                                Never had problems with my old GTX570, now after upgrading I get lot of crashes in games, some old games not even starting and other problems...

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                                                  Sapphire RX480+, Windows 7 64bit, running Crimson 16.8.2 (and I absolutely HATE the confusing, obscure interface - Wattman is almost unusable for me. Please bring back catalyst...)


                                                  Also getting black, and sometimes faintly grey, screens. As in, the monitor is actively displaying a uniform, almost black, colour. The monitor is still receiving a signal to display, but that image is black. I believe my system is TRYING to switch to the intel integrated graphics, but these are disabled in BIOS. So the graphics card switches to "passing through" the output from the integrated graphics output, which is... nothing. One other responder mentioned that activating the onboard graphics solved their problem. Which fits...


                                                  The black screen is not a sudden change, but it actually fades out. Like when the monitor changes into blank screen power saving mode, after ten minutes of doing nothing. But, it remains "active", displaying what is now a blank image, although sometimes it is clearly grey. Like a backlight black...


                                                  This never happens in games. It only happens when the machine is lightly loaded. In fact, the GPU is running at 300MHz, is barely at 50 degrees, and the graphics card cooling fans have stopped running completely. The case is open, and I can see them stationary.

                                                  It is certainly running at minimum power. It never happens when the graphics card is significantly loaded. While I can see the difference in my electricity bill made by the new hardware (down 14% - I use my PC ten hours a day on average) this extreme power saving of turning off the graphics card completely is taking things a bit far!


                                                  When black:

                                                  I put the machine to sleep via the case power button, and resume a few seconds later. SOMETIMES that works. I always get a display for the logon screen, at least. But as soon as the desktop appears, sometimes the machine goes back to a black screen immediately. Sometimes I get a few seconds to "do something", and sometimes it resumes without incident. Sometimes the graphics card fans spin up to maximum for a few seconds on powering up again, but mostly not.


                                                  If I get a black screen repeat (and I have counted up to 4 in a row), I have to logon as a different user to kill Firefox via task manager. Once killed, I can logon as the original ID, without getting a black screen.

                                                  I wondered if this was a graphics memory leak thing, and specifically related to Firefox, but as far as I can tell, the black screen does not correlate with the amount of graphics ram being used by any process.


                                                  The really puzzling thing, was that this machine had been running happily for months, before the first occurance. But this "dead screen" now happens almost daily. Also noticeable, that it coincided with cold weather as winter approaches. Cooler air in the house, = less cooling fan action, and more likely to shut down completely and hand off to integrated graphics.

                                                  Turns out, that since building the machine in April, it ran trouble free until August, when I reinstalled from scratch, after an aborted Windows 10 "free upgrade test". So, I updated to the 16.8 driver relase at that time. Cue problems... Although, the first black screen only happened in late October. Which is why I didn't connect it to the driver version. 



                                                  Set the case power button action to "sleep", and you can power down and up again, without losing anything in a hard reset.

                                                  If you get multiple repeats, where the screen goes black immediately after logging in, then log in as a different (administrator) user, and use task manager to kill something before changing back to the original user that had the problem. For me, that means killing Firefox, which seems to be the one culprit that always fixes the issue, and is always running when this happens. Firefox also recovers reasonably, allowing you to resume the last "killed" session. 


                                                  I'm going to try the latest driver, which appears to have worked for some. If it continues, I'll go back to 16.7 like others.

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                                                    Looks to be a related issue to mine: R9 Fury constantly blackscreens/crashes in Windows 10


                                                    Most of my black screens have been either on an idle desktop or while browsing and I too have a 34 inch monitor running at 60HZ over Displayport, and thought it may be related to the high resolution, however from mention in the thread it looks like the same issue occurred on a different monitor setup.


                                                    At the moment I am keeping track of all the drivers I've tried, what I was doing at the time it black screened/crashed etc, and I urge everyone else experiencing similar problems to do the same as it will hopefully help identify a pattern.

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                                                        I'm having the same issue with my XFX RX 480 8GB - HDMI loses signal and the PC has to be rebooted to recover the image. I spent 230$ on this card, I'm getting kind of annoyed / having buyers remorse. If I could return it I would but Newegg is only offering a RMA exchange for this GPU (Which I cannot do b/c I submitted for the MIR).. That should have been a sign I guess. AMD, please figure this out soon.

                                                        I've tried:

                                                        - Checking for a BIOS update (Up to date)

                                                        - Ran SFC

                                                        - Ran DDU in Safe mode

                                                        - Tested with 16.7.1, 16.7.2, 16.11.5 drivers

                                                        - Checked Wattman (is in default settings)

                                                        - Confirmed card is seated properly with proper power connections

                                                        - Tried multiple HDMI cables. Bought a brand new cable to test

                                                        - Tried connecting via DVI to my 1080p Dell monitor after the signal loss (yes I unplugged the HDMI cable), still no signal

                                                        Sys. Specs:

                                                        • XFX RX 480 8GB
                                                        • Desktop PC
                                                        • Windows 10 64bit
                                                        • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.11.5 Hotfix
                                                        • Samsung UN43KU6300 2560/1440 @60Hz Direct HDMI 2.0 connection
                                                        • Biostar TA-970 v5.3
                                                        • AMD FX-8320
                                                        • EVGA SuperNOVA 650w G2 80+ Gold
                                                        • Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600)
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                                                          I've been running 16.9.2 WHQL driver for the past two weeks, and no black screens.


                                                          I believe the problem is something to do with low power consumption, and the graphics card attempting to hand back graphics output to the intel onboard graphics. In my case, those onboard graphics are disabled in BIOS, so the system displays... nothing.

                                                          I have occasional problems with my motherboard getting confused with power states, and sometimes seems unable to wake up the boot drive, so I'm not entirely sure the problem is with the graphics card, but possibly with motherboard / chipset drivers and overly aggressive power saving.


                                                          Note that this is a power saving issue, and not a crash. My black screen "fades to black" rather than switches instantly. But it's clear the machine is not completely idle, as it can happen while scrolling a webpage. It is thus "low power" rather than idle. Windows itself, and all the apps running, are still running after the machine is put to sleep and woken up again.



                                                          I've already suggested (a few posts above) setting the power button to "sleep" mode, so that rebooting (and/or hard resetting) is not necessary. It's still inconvenient, doesn't stop the black screens, but doesn't force you to lose everything.


                                                          I'd suggest some kind of Wattman profile that maintains a minimum power level above the default, as a further workaround. Stop the card using state 0, and these black screens might never happen.


                                                          As a third (and longshot) resort, set the machine to never switch to blank screen. It's possible that windows itself is mistaking the low power output of the graphics card, as an idle desktop. And hence it switches to blank screen, believing the machine is idle. Set Windows to never timeout the screen, and see if that helps...

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                                                            Just wanted to update. I installed a program called 'ClockBlocker' and it seems the black screen issue has resolved. I'll test some more (over the next few days) and report back again.

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                                                                running that software for some months and its a workaround that works but its not a "fix". this makes the gpu run at full speed even if doing nothing and therefore will use more power than it should and probably reduces its life time as well.

                                                                it would probably be better if everybody sends the card in for a refund or repair to get AMDs attention on this issue, sadly money seems to be the only way to communicate to these big companies and for some reason they do not understand that the silence on their side about such issues will reduce their future customer numbers.

                                                                i will definitely think twice when i get my next card and i can guarantee you that i will remember this situation and it will most likely influence my decision even if such a issue might not exist anymore at that point.

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                                                                    I agree, it is certainly not a 'fix' but a good workaround. AMD needs to come up with a driver update that just works. I would have RMA'd the card but I submitted the MIR on Newegg which makes returning it not possible. I wouldn't have submitted the MIR if I had done a bit more research on this card. My prior experience with AMD hardware has always been positive so I didn't even think about it. I don't see clockblocker running my card at full speed when idle though. When idle the card temp drops to about 54C the fan running anywhere from 0 to 1k RPM. The speed sticks at 300MHz. Next time I buy a new GPU I will surely do more research.

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                                                                  I have been dealing with PC crashes on 2x rx480 xfx black oc 8gb crossfire setup since literally the day they came out. I have built a bran new PC and were having problems with hard PC crashing only when the rx cards are installed. Nvidia cards or any other cards run fine. So i then replaced each component of my bran new build with a better higher quality component. This includes, PC Case, CPU, Motherboard, Ram, 4x different PSU's, hard drives, ssd's, power outlet, surge protector. I have re-installed windows 10 10-20 times. I have spent 100's of hours troubleshooting this problem. I RMA'd both of my cards and got new cards. I then installed liquid cooling which made my PC so silent that i could hear a capacitor buzzing on one of the cards, that RMA is in the mail right now and awaiting testing. XFX keeps trying to tell me its my problem and its my pc causing the issue. Although i highly doubt two sets of different bran new components can cause the same issue. The kernel41's seem to have slowed down which may mean driver issues. I'm at wits end. Never buying XFX or AMD ever again. I could put an Nvidia card in this machine and be off to the races no problem. Somehow we all got duped into buying a card released too soon with way too many power and driver issues and we basically paid to be beta testers.

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                                                                      Hi guys, I have the XFX RX 480, and I've been having problems with black screen since the first day, no matter what version of the drivers I have installed. A couple days ago I did something that has, at least for now, fixed the annoying black screen problem. I have AOC 2460G5 monitor that supports freesync. And up until a few days ago it was connected to my PC via HDMI, and black screened almost every time I left it on desktop (idle). I tried hooking it up via Display port and enabling the freesync in radeon options and it hasn't black screened once in three days. I know it is too early to say it somehow fixed it but still you can give it a try and see if it works for you. I'm also running the latest drivers currently but it still black screened until I connected it via display port.

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                                                                      i got the same problem on a RX 460 connected via HDMI 2.0 4k60@YCbCr444, the Crimson 16.7.3 WHQL drivers seem to be working fine but 16.12.2 is blacking out and giving "mode not supported" on driver install


                                                                      see below for my comment on /r/amd

                                                                      nwgat comments on December Tech Support Megathread

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                                                                        I have Asus rog strix oc Strix 8gb and only promblam i have when i play CS:GO than i exit it black screen coming

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                                                                          The Random Blank Screen happened to my HIS R7 360, my Sapphire HD 7730, and my HD 5770 will never work on windows 10. already asking on troubleshooting or whatever it is support thing on amd site.. no answer no solution.. i buy HIS R7 360 on march 2016.. i always update my driver, change my PSU to corsair vs450 (i buy 7 of this for my dualcore and hd5670,and all of the product i got, really suck one by one going down in a week.. the store really suck on the after sales service.. i scold them, the store offer me a full refund.. i take it in a blink of eye.. now i use seasonic x850, change my MoBO, and guess what ? i still got that RANDOM BLACK SCREEN.. WELL DONE.. YOU DO A GOOD JOB WITH YOUR GRAPHIC CARD.. AT LAST THIS FEATURE INCLUDED IN YOUR NEWEST PRODUCT..  I REALLY PROUD OF IT.. KEEP IT UP..


                                                                          in my case its happened on hdmi port.. i connect it to my samsung ju7500... yeah this amd feature RANDOM BLANK SCREEN really awesome..

                                                                          i return the product.. at jan2017, i gave up.. cant have any solution.. and now i read this awesome thread.. yeah they replaced it with new product.. but i guess I WILL GOT MORE BLANK SCREEN FEATURE FROM AMD... why i have so many amd card ? but at least i have many friend out there.. hahaha

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                                                                            Just bought the Sapphire 480

                                                                            Running 16.6

                                                                            Windows 10


                                                                            When my screen goes into standby, I have to physically turn the screen off in order to get it to come back on.


                                                                            Its an annoyance.

                                                                            Already having buyer's regret. Never bought a Radeon card for me. Been an NVidia buyer since the Riva 128.

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                                                                                Why are you on 16.6 when the latest drivers are 17.2 ....and iirc 16.7.2 is when the 480 began to be supported (in the drivers) so its no wonder you're having issues. I have TWO sapphire in CF and have no noticed any issues because I know how to install drivers.

                                                                                So stop your whining, uninstall drivers using DDU and then reinstall 17.2 please before you blame an entire market because of your lack of installation knowledge.

                                                                                Dont just give up before trying all options, you probably had a luck with Nvidia and all those first-time's the charm--installs that you've forgotten but on both NV and AMD theres a slew of people that complain about driver issues.

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                                                                                    this thread started at august.2016, at that moment the latest driver are 16.7.2 maybe, of course we cannot download 17.2 yet, at august.2016.


                                                                                    are you using hdmi port for your display ? and using windows10 ? with 4k premium cable(i use amber) ?


                                                                                    of course now, i already used the most updated driver, but the problem still there..

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                                                                                  Same issue with 290X. Again, ClockBlocker work-around fixes it.

                                                                                  amdmatt Are you guys going to fix this Crimson bug?

                                                                                  • Re: RX 480 Random Black Screen on Idle Desktop

                                                                                    We've reproduced this issue and it is currently under investigation.

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                                                                                        amdmatt Take a look at this topic: RX 470 gives random black screens and BSOD's


                                                                                        Do you have this under investigation? Is it the same problem (it seems related)?

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                                                                                            Not sure, that issue looks different and could be a faulty GPU.

                                                                                              • Re: RX 480 Random Black Screen on Idle Desktop

                                                                                                I understand but I don't really think it's an hardware fault because some drivers cause much more black screens / BSOD's than the most recent drivers. Also, I have 2 friends that had build a new system 4/5 months ago, both with a RX480 and they both have the same exact problems (although one of them have driver crashes but he never saw a black screen, he knows the driver is crashing because the event viewer and livekernelreports .dmp's show the crashes...). In my case my system is older but I have a RX480 with the same problems.


                                                                                                There's also dozen of people on reddit and other forums with the exact some problems.


                                                                                                Unfortunately AMD doesn't look into this and still thinking that is a hardware fault when it isn't. Believe me, if you have access to systems with a RX480 that are used everyday, check C:\Windows\LiveKernelReports\ and you will find many .dmp files with errors related to the AMD Drivers. You can check windows event viewer, system, display warnings, and maybe you will see some warnings too related to the graphics driver crash.


                                                                                                Even sapphire support told me that this was a driver problem that should be fixed with the following months (this was said in November...).


                                                                                                It's really frustrating....

                                                                                            • Re: RX 480 Random Black Screen on Idle Desktop

                                                                                              "We've reproduced this issue and it is currently under investigation."


                                                                                              Can you provide any more info on this?  I have been having this issue recently, randomly about once a day or every other day with random black screen at the desktop with gpu fan going high.  System then needs reset to recover.  There are no blue screens and no crash dumps. System passes Memtest, Intel Burn Test, and Furmark GPU stress test, etc.  My system: Ryzen 1700, 2x8 GB RAM, Rosewill 750W capstone psu, Asus Prime B350+ MB (latest 0806 bios), XFX RX-480P836BM 8GB. I've tried multiple different drivers from AMD, and making various changes in Wattman with no change.  I've contacted XFX and their tech support advised RMA.  I am sending the card back to XFX for replacement now.  So, is this likely to be a hardware or driver problem or both?

                                                                                            • Re: RX 480 Random Black Screen on Idle Desktop

                                                                                              It was a monitor problem on my pc black screen hang on idle situation. Old monitor on RX480 was connected through DP to DVI cable(it has not have a DP or HDMI port) . So I changed monitor with AOC cheap monitor I2369vm, connected it with DP to DP cable and problem has gone. I think there was a signal processing problem through different ports.

                                                                                              P.s. New monitor bought 10.03.2017 and no black screen idle hang up or other problems encountered.

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                                                                                              • Re: RX 480 Random Black Screen on Idle Desktop

                                                                                                I hate to drag up an older thread but this is the first thing I have read that makes me feel like I am not crazy.  I have this same issue with an RX480 8GB.  For me it happens on ANY driver beyond 17.10.1 .


                                                                                                I have worked with AMD support who simply blamed my monitor and I am trying to run this down under my monitor warranty as well.


                                                                                                For me whenever the screen goes into standby and I resume it it will going into this cycle of power up, go to no signal, then power off, then power on again and after 2-3 times of this it will come on and function.




                                                                                                Looks like this is the case ONLY over DisplayPort.  The issue appears to be absent on HDMI but of course that means no FreeSync.