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    RX 480 freezing randomly


      I just got an XFX 480 GTR 8GB yesterday, after playing World of Warcraft for about 40 minutes my system started freezing randomly for a good second. I exited the game and it continued doing the same thing on the desktop. I watched netflix for about 30 minutes and it continued doing it, reboot doesn't solve much. I noticed that in wattman most of the time this occurs (not sure if it's every time) the frequency spikes down to 300mhz. If I changed wattman from frequency to dynamic the freezes got way worse in game to the point that I could barely exit.


      My system:

      - XFX 480 GTR 8GB

      - Desktop

      - Windows 10 64bit Anniversary Update

      - Crimson Edition 16.8.2 Hotfix drivers

      - Main monitor: Dell U2715H @ 2560x1440 DisplayPort, Second Monitor: LG IPS235 @ 1920x1080 HDMI

      - Asus Z170 Pro Gaming

      - Intel Core i7 6700K

      - EVGA SuperNova 650GS Modular (80+ gold) (running in ECO mode)

      - 32GB DDR4 ram

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          A driver reinstall fixed the screen freezing on the desktop. But it still happens in game. A workaround for now is enabeling the iGPU and using that for the second monitor. No screen freezing so far, although now I sometimes have mouse lag which started happening after I installed the intel drivers.

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            What's up dude.  I'm having the same exact problem with WoW Legion... same symptoms in wattman and same behavior overall.  I also have a dual monitor setup (not eyefinity).  I went through tons of things trying to isolate the source of this issue and it seems to have something to do with having two monitors connected.  As soon as I disconnect my second monitor, the problem goes away.


            Have you tried unplugging your second monitor?  Does the issue go away when you do?  Please let me know.


            Hopefully they fix this because having a second monitor is essential these days, especially for gamers.