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    16.8.2 - Wolfenstein The Old Blood broken on RX480


      I skipped 16.8.1 so I don't know if this was fixed in that and then broken again for 16.8.2, but Wolfenstein The Old Blood is extremely laggy in the menus and runs at roughly 20fps in the menus on RX480.


      No problems with any other games. Is there anyone on the same GPU and driver who can test this as well?

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          What System specs and what resolution and game settings are you using? when posting an issue you need to be specific.

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            Hi, same with me: RX 470 with 8GB (Sapphire Nitro+) and Intel i5 6600 Skylake (non-K) produce unplayable lagging and very slow texture loading. A german PC Games magazine traced the cause to Skylake CPUs: http://www.pcgameshardware.de/AMD-Catalyst-Crimson-Grafikkarte-255517/News/RSCE-1681-1682-Bug-Wolfenstein-Skylake-Polaris-1204234/. On Haswell CPUs that problem does not exist. Rage and both Wolfensteins are not playable because they are visually broken although they where not shortly after their releases. AMD had this issue in list of known issues of Crimson 16.7.3.


            Now month later we are at 16.10.1. and the issue is not anymore in the list of known issues. But as I can see on my machine and as the pcgameshardware.de team found out it is still a major issue on all Skylake CPUs. AMD published GPU drivers that break 3 games in my library although I use new GPU and CPU for it.


            1) I expect AMD to add the problem back in known issues list because it is a well known and well documented and reproducable issue!

            2) Because it only occurs on Skylakes it is a solvable issue. From a developer perspective the only differences between Skylake and Haswell are caches and jump prediction algorithms so the problem can be traced and debugged and therefore fixed. I expect AMD to fix that problem if it is not caused by unsupported use of OpenGL API on Game Developers side. If the game engines use OpenGL in an unofficial hacky way, then AMD has to officially communicate there inresponsibility.


            I as a AMD customer can expect to get drivers which fix old driver problems and provide a as fast as possible OpenGL API support.

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              Hi folks


              This problem persists on the most recent driver version (16.10.2). Wolfenstein The New Order also has choppy performance which I'm assuming is linked.


              Would love a fix for this - or at least acknowledgement in the "known issues" of the driver notes.

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                  On AMD RX470 8GB Wolfenstein The New Order runs good if you turn MAXIMUM PPF in GFX settings to 16. The engine tries to load up to 16 pages per frame from GPU RAM, and because most GFX cards are bandwidth limited this makes a choppy (43fps with stutter) experience because the next frame is not rendered until that amount is loaded. With 16 it runs in high settings and vsync mostly in 60fps in 1920p. I am using AMD 16.11.3 and my Wolfenstein games are the Steam versions.

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                  With Wolfenstein Old Blood and AMD 16.11.3 I still have the 20fps - no matter what gfx settings - problem. AMD still refuses to take this effect into the known issue list. So I am getting very emotional right now: SHAME ON AMD for trying to lie to their customers. If its not an AMD problem they could say it out loud and put WOB-devs in responsibility. That game is broken and unplayable because AMD ignores customer messages. They do not even answer to this thread anymore. SHAME on AMD!

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                    I am also having this issue and surprise surprise I'm using a skylake CPU.


                    Game seems to run the same at all settings giving terrible frame rate at times. No other games giving any issues.


                    I5 6600

                    RX 480 8gb

                    16gb ram

                    windows 10

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                      Nope, re-naming does NOT work when you have a certain hardware combination running in your system:


                      I have a RX 480 8 GB (which has a Polaris chipset), and even on Low Settings it never gets higher than 20 fps; the "problem" is that I have a Skylake processor in my system (i5-6500) , and the combination Skylake CPU/Polaris GPU/Wolfenstein: "The Old Blood" is a disaster, see http://www.pcgameshardware.de/AMD-Catalyst-Crimson-Grafikkarte-255517/News/RSCE-1681-1682-Bug-Wolfenstein-Skylake-Polaris-1204234/ .


                      AMD knows about that, but hasn't done anything yet ... I've heard that "The Evil Within" has similar problems, but didn't have the chance to test that. "Wolfenstein: The New Order" and "Doom" (2016) both run fine (all these games use id's "Tech 5" engine).

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                          That is strange...


                          My system: Intel Core i5-6600, Sapphire RX 480 4GB and renaming of WolfOldBlood_x64.exe works like a charm.

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                              Well, this video How to fix Wolfenstein The New Order lag, and frame rate problem - YouTube

                              talks about re-naming the .exe-file of "Wolfenstein: The New Order" to solve fps issues.


                              I know, this is not the game we're talking about here, but in the video description it says that after a game patch this method doesn't work anymore. Maybe this is the same with "Wolfenstein: The Old Blood": All those who re-named their exe-file before a patch was released were able to get their issue solved, all those who re-name after that patch have bad luck.

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                                  Cool, found a way! Found the basic idea for this in a forum, and after playing around with it, I eventually found the right method.


                                  Create a file steam_appid.txt in your "Wolfenstein: The Old Blood" folder inside your Steam folder. Into that file write the game's Steam ID (354830 in this case) and save it. Then Re-name the exe-file WolfOldBlood_x64.exe into WolfOldBlood_x32.exe.


                                  Launch the game directly from that re-named file (or create a shortcut from it on your desktop), the original Steam link for that game won't work now. Hint: The game has a built-in fps limit of 60.

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                                      This issue still persists in 17.9.3, and affects Vega too (Vega 56 on Skylake platform here).


                                      The work-around of the rename (now?) needs the "new" game to be added to Steam via Games->"Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library" and so I don't expect the Achievements to work.


                                      ..but: the game does.  Loading screen back up to 30 FPS locked, from 14; Menu screens back up to 60 locked, from 18-19; in-game up to 150+, from 17-20 with graphics lagging audio by a second or two.  Which is how it performs on any graphics settings on my Radeon RX Vega 56, Xeon E3-1270 v5, 32 GB DDR4-2133 system.


                                      I've tested it on a GeForce GT 1030, Core i5-2500K, 6 GB DDR3-1333 system and it gets the proper 30 FPS loading screen, 60 FPS menu screens, and sensible FPS in-game and can do 60+ on appropriate settings.


                                      It's embarassing that due to a driver "optimization" (because it goes away if we rename the executable) a Radeon RX Vega 56 is being out-performed by a GeForce GT 1030.


                                      So, this is an AMD driver video bug, specifically affecting Polaris and Vega on Skylake (and probably Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake), i.e. post-August 2015 Intel CPUs with post-June 2016 AMD GPUs.  For a May 2015 game, and it's been an issue for 14 months without being fixed.  C'mon AMD, sort it out!

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                                        i will try that as i havent done so as soon as i end my shift and get home

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                                  I'm on 17.10.3 and it still doesn't seem to have been fixed. Both wolfenstein games are unplayable atm. Any news on this?

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                                    Problem also persists on 17.11.1 and 17.11.2.


                                    How can this issue have persisted for over a year and still not have been fixed? Gameplay in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is literally stuck at 20-22 fps and won't go any higher. The game is simply unplayable. No combination of graphics settings seem to make any difference, I can run the game at the lowest possible resolution and for some reason it's still locked at unplayable framerate.


                                    I have i7-7700

                                    16 GB ram

                                    RX 480 8GB


                                    Wolfensten: The Ne Order also runs quite bad considering how old it is, but at least I can get into the 50-60 fps range most of the time.


                                    Playing DooM 2016, or the newest Wolfenstein (The New Colossus) I have no issue maintaining 90-130 fps with every graphics option on maximum at 1920x1080 resolution.


                                    Is a fix even a priority any more? Should I just give up on the two older Wolfenstein games?

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                                      Hi, I am new here. I run win 10 , I5-6600K 3,50GHz , Ram 16gb, Sapphere rx 480 nitro+ 8 gb driver ver. 17.11.1

                                      I have all  the same as up here lagg. Its look like artificial as if somthing ignores possibility of hardware resources and just use only some chosen amout on ram vram and cpu - IDK. Or it looks like that all lag come from some cicle process that do not get your cpu on 100% but do not let game work right. But its all just my thoughts , nothing more. But problem still - lag textures, lag movement, menue lag everything lagg but absolutely the same no matter what  settings u choose.

                                      SO can anyone help me?

                                      P.s. sorry for my bad english

                                      P.p.s.ty anyway

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                                        Hey guys


                                        Ryzen 7 1700

                                        2x Ceossfire RX480 Strix

                                        16 GB ddr4 RAM

                                        Res: 1080p

                                        i have tried everything, rename exe file, creating texture cache folder, tweaking every setting on crimson and in the game, and even if i turn off every setting and put all the others in low, i still get 45 fps in game....if some one knows anything i can do please let me know i would really appreciate it

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                                            Hey just wanted to reply, not meaning to rub anyone's nose it that mine is working either. I checked this game out last night and it is working fine for me with the latest drivers (but I don't mean to imply it's because those drivers fixed it) on my AMD  P2X6 AM3 and rx580. So like already mentioned and as I read in other forums, it looks to be that it is specific to certain Intel processors and maybe now AMD Ryzen processors too? I only wanted to add mine worked as this should certainly help narrow down where the problem is. I would agree that over a year is a long time to not have this fixed. Especially when this game was featured in many Christmas sales like Steam's this year so you know there are many new players, or there would be if it worked. Hopefully AMD gets this on their to-do list. Looks like now that they have their feature updates out they really need to buckle down and fix game bugs.

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                                              Check if you have active Chill in Radeon Settings and check FPS range for it. If it's active, try to adjust range or disable it completely.

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                                              Do you have the Power Limit in the control panel set to +50 (or the highest +value your card has)?

                                              Is your computer power plan set to "High Performance" (especially Win10 users)

                                              Have you installed/used any third party graphics controllers (Trixx,Afterburner, Asus,etc)?

                                              AMD graphics performance

                                              RX480 FPS drop in all games