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Question asked by iginopatatino on Aug 8, 2016
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Hello all!

After years of good AMD experiences i decided to replace my old athlon x2 based computer with a new assemblation:



RAM: KINGSTON HYPER X SAVAGE 2400mhz 2x4GB (Running at 2133mhz on my mobo despite it supports up to 2600mhz, don't know why)




My objective was to obtain a cheap mid class gaming and home computer, just for occasional gaming.

So now i will explain you my issues... My pc is running for 13 days, and i spent all this time trying to get Dual Draphics technology to work.


Requirements for dual graphics are:


     1. Compatible APU and discrete card (yes) - r7 240 + a8 7600

     2. 1800mhz+ RAM speed and Dual Channel (yes) - 2133mhz, Dual Channel enabled

     3. All tweaked bios settings - (yes) Dual graphics will be automatically enabled, onboard vga enabled in NB configuration.

     4. Driver... Of course!

     5. Patience. A lot!


First thing i did after first boot, was toggling the bios settings and download driver for win10 x64 from asrock site. The Display driver was catalyst 15.11 and there was no dual graphics choice under performance and gaming tabs. I checked in my motherboard manual, and there was written to install drivers from stock cd to get dual graphics working. The stock cd driver is catalyst 13.35, and a dual graphics choice appears.



Proud of me, i rebooted the system, opened the windows driver manager and i notice that the graphics are not r7 200+ r7 graphics despite the dual graphics option was enabled. Tried to enable this option for all apps without profile, rebooted and windows 10 was full of graphic glitches. Tried to start GTA V, the dual graphics logo appears on the top right corner, but the textures are loaded very slowly and the game is unplayable. This is because the 13.35 driver has not any crossfire profiles for GTA V. After a couple of hours of reinstalling drivers with DDU and AMD cleanup utility, nothing changes. Tried to update to latest crimson 16.7.3 drivers, and no crossfire option in the global r7 200 gaming tab and in additional settings.


Contacting the ASROCK support team via mail i get this mail:


Dear Customer:

We appreciate you contacting us!


If the combination of GPU and VGA card is on dual graphics support list, the function will be automatically enabled.

In new BIOS version, You may not be able to see this option under BIOS

To enabled dual graphics function, please download the AMD driver from AMD website:


The attachment is the test result in ASROCK lab, and the configuration is same as your system.

On the top side of picture, you could see dual graphics is enabled.


If you have any further question, please contact us.

Thank you.

Yours truly,



unnamed (1).png

As you can see, its a perfect copy of my system, same for asus radeon discrete card. After reading that mail, i repurged all drivers and reinstalled drivers as suggested from the asrock support team. Results? NOTHING! Here are screenshots of my CPU-Z:


unnamed (2).png

- No AMD crossfire option


unnamed (3).png

- CPU-Z output






- GPU-Z output



Updated my UEFI BIOS to latest version, and set ram speed manually, as it was suggested in similar issues with same hardware configuration in AMD forums.


* The only way to get a dual graphics option is to install the stock catalyst 13.35 driver from motherboard DVD.

* With latest AMD catalyst driver, the option doesn't appear.

* In the latest Crimson driver, the dual graphics option should appear as AMD CrossfireX instead of dual graphics, but it doesn't appear.

* In the additional settings of Crimson driver, the dual graphics/crossfire option doesn't appear.


* Tried to uninstall driver with DDU/AMD cleanup, shutting down, removing discrete card, booting, reinstalling drivers, shutting down again and reinstalling discrete card. - Nothing changes

* Tried to switch to VGA, to discrete card with 3 different screen types (VGA/DVI/HDMI) - Nothing changes


Tried to summon Mephistofilis for a soul blood pact... nothing! Last choice for me is gasoline and lighter...


I close here with my troubleshooting because its over my knowledge, and I ask you for help. Dual Graphics is still the main feature which has let me build this pc instead of an intel board. I hope that it's not going to be a disappointment.


Thank you for reading. Hope this is not going to be a dead empty thread with no answers too.


- Gianmarco


P.S.: I post this in Driver section because i think that it is a driver issue.