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    How to get HDMI audio output back?


      Hello everyone,


      I've been using the following setup for the last few years:

      • Radeon HD 6870
      • Dual Monitors, each connected via DVI in my bedroom
      • TV connected via HDMI in the living room
      • Windows 10 64bit

      I was able to play back movies on my TV without problems, with audio being transmitted via HDMI output.


      Recently, I got a new monitor (which has builtin speakers and is connected via DisplayPort) that replaced the dual monitors in my office. Since I connected it, the "AMD HDMI Output" entry disappeared from my list of audio playback devices and was replaced by "AMD DP Output", leaving me with no means to get audio to the TV.

      How do I get back the HDMI audio output device? I do not need DP audio since I'm still using mainboards audio card and speakers in the bedroom.


      Disclaimer: English is not my first and therefore system language - sorry in case my freehand translations of system terms above are incorrect/confusing, I'll be glad to clarify.


      Kind regards,



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          Can't you get audio through the AMD DP Output from the new display with speakers?


          What other sound outputs are available in the playback devices list?


          Please can you clearly define what monitors (make and model) you are currently using and how each one is connected?

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              amdmatt: Sorry, I see now that my first post was a bit convoluted. Hope I can clarify and answer your questions:


              I'm currently using:

              • HP Envy 32 monitor (N9C43AA) in my bedroom (connected via DisplayPort) as a replacement for my former dual-monitor setup (both connected via DVI)
              • Panasonic plasma TV (TX-L32GW20) in my living room (connected via HDMI)


              The audio outputs I have right now are:

              • AMD DP Audio Out (for the built-in speakers of the HP display) - unused
              • Logitech USB Headset
              • Realtek High Definition Audio (for the powered speakers in my bedroom)
              • Realtec Digital Audio Output - unused
              • Realtek Digital Audio Output (Optical) - unused
              • [Missing since I replaced my old DVI monitors with the HP display]: AMD HDMI Audio Out (for my TV)


              The DP audio output is working fine, it's just that the HDMI audio output device that I had been using for my TV (italic typeface) got removed from the list as soon as I connected the new HP display.

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                  I understand, thanks.


                  In Device Manager to go View and select Show Hidden Devices.


                  Does it appear in Device Manager under Sound, Video and Audio Controllers or Audio Inputs and Outputs?

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                      Yes, it is shown in the list after I selected to show hidden devices.

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                          That would indicate that the Device has been disabled. It should appear if you select Show Disabled Devices.

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                              Tl;dr: I was able to (kind of) fix this error by rebooting my PC while leaving my TV turned on (it's normally switched off and only turned on after booting my PC). Thank you for your help!


                              Thanks for the tip, but the option to show disabled devices was already activated. The status of the HDMI audio out under Device Manager was "Device not connected (45)". I tried updating the drivers from there but they were already up to date.


                              So I went back to googling and found a forum entry on Tom's Hardware Guide where someone had a similar problem: Their TV was only connected to their PC on occasion and no corresponding sound device showed up when they plugged in their HDMI cable. They were able to "fix" this by rebooting their PC while the TV was connected. I had not considered this as relevant but my TV is plugged into a power strip with a power switch. Since I only watch TV rarely, I have the strip mostly turned off which is interpreted by my PC as if the TV was completely disconnected. I also mostly turn my TV on after booting my PC. So I rebooted while leaving the TV turned on and lo and behold: the HDMI audio device showed up again (replacing the DP output).


                              I then successfully reproduced the problem by switching the TV and its power strip off: After a reboot of the PC, the HDMI audio out has disappeared from Audio Devices again and is also listed as "Device not connected (45)" under Device Manager again, which did not change when I turned the TV back on.


                              While not a real fix, rebooting my PC would be an adequate solution for me since I only use the TV occasionally to watch a movie and do not use the DP audio output. Or would you have an idea on how to fix this behaviour (meaning that the HDMI video signal is hot-pluggable but getting the audio signal requires a reboot)?