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Eyefinity problem with Windows 10, or not?

Question asked by caiodpk on Jul 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by caiodpk
I have a problem about one month.
I have 3 monitors samsung S23S550H on an Eyefinity configuration.
I had a 390 Nitro and was where the problem started, whenever I start a game , it works for a few minutes ( sometimes even hours, depending ),
screens lose the signal, turn on and the resolution of the game decreases (sometimes greatly decreases to 800 X 600 ) (When they lose the signal, it is emitted the sound of something disconnecting and reconnecting ).
Recently I acquired a XFX RX 480, and the problem remains.
Formated PC with windows 10 (four times), I deactivated the automatic update,have installed only windows, crimson driver and the GTAV for test, the problem appeared again.
I have a Fx 8320E, an MSI 970 Gaming, a SEASONIC 750w PSU, 8GB RAM and 2 HD WD.
I have 3 active display port adapters, use 2 and a hdmi cable for the third monitor.
Use the Windows 10 almost since its launch , and just started to present this unpleasant problem.


Can someone help me?