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    AMD FX 8150 CPU Overheating


      Product Type : Motherboard
      Product Model : SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0
      Product S/N : D1M0BX183715
      Date of Purchase : 2013/03/19

      [Motherboard Specification]
      Motherboard Revision : R20
      Motherboard BIOS Revision : 2501

      [VGA Card Specification]
      VGA Card Vendor : NVIDIA
      VGA Card Model : GEFORCE
      VGA Card Chipset : GT 430
      VGA Card Driver : GT 430

      [CPU Specification]
      CPU Vendor : AMD
      CPU Type : FX 8150
      CPU Speed : 3.61GHz

      OS: Windows 10 Upgraded from Windows 7 64bit

      CPU overheats for no reason.  I have checked the memory it is not leaking. Reset motherboard back to defaults, no luck. Has anyone else seen this issue? Is there an BIOS or Chipset upgrade I can try?  How can I tell if it is the CPU or motherboard causing the issue?

      thank you in advance.

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          Two questions: how do you know it is overheating, and why such an anemic video card?

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            In order for the BIOS to set the CPU frequency and vcore properly, it needs to be able to identify the CPU model when it boots. If the installed BIOS is not new enough to have the FX-8150 model listed, you will need a newer BIOS that does. Also be sure to clear CMOS after installing the new BIOS before rebooting your system so it can check all hardware in your system and discover the FX-8150 CPU. Mobo makers usually list the supported CPU models and the required BIOS version on their website so you know if you need a BIOS update.

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              1.If your getting high temperatures from your processor.To be clear.AMD processors react to virus an Trojans differently from Intel.They jump up in Temperatures.Run a virus and trojan scan.Run a Browser virus scan as well.See if this addresses the issue.Second This would stand for when you just turn on your computer.This does not refer to you using programs.If you are using programs and are experiencing high temperatures this is due to the program.