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    System Crash with latest driver (16.7.3, Hotfix of 16.7.2)


      Hello folks,

      since the 20th of july, 2016 I have the following problem:

      If I want to play a game like LeagueOfLegends, CS:GO and Overwatch my System completely crashes in the set menu or in game (If I´m in the browser nothing happens, only if i want to play). At the beginning the image is freezing and continues to be black or white with some colours in it (like little points). Than I sometimes hear a distorted sound out of my speakers. As a result I have to press the reset-button of my computer.

      The error massage is the following: Kernel Power Event ID 44 errorError

      I already checked my hardware (CPU, GPU,HDD, RAM) but there is nearly no error and no abnormal temperatures. I just received the message that I have floating sectors on my HDD. I don´t know if that correlate with the system crashes.

      Furthermore I reinstalled the latest AMD driver according to the instructions and reinstalled Windows 10. But there is no improvement.

      My Software and Hardware:

      GPU: AMD Readon HD7950 (no overclocking)

                driver: 16.7.3

      CPU: Intel I7 3770k (no overclocking)

      RAM: Corsair Vengeance, 4 x 4 GB DDR3 1600 mhz (no overclocking)

      Mainboard: AsRock Z77 extereme 4

      Operating System: Windows 10, 64 bit

      Power supply: LC Power LC8750 750 W

      Monitor: BenQ 2420Z 144hz


      I hope that someone can help me.



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          I have reverted all the way back to crimson 16.2.1 which I hope is pre vulkan and the newer power management changes for the new 300 series cards. I guess for an older card likes yours and mine the older drivers should be good. I read many still use the old catalyst drivers 15.11.x or 15.12.


          I would grab DDU off guru3d and run that to clean out the old drivers. Grab an older driver first and save ready to install it before running ddu. Maybe try 16.2.1 which I think is pre vulkan. Check if it offers it as an option on install, I can't recall.


          I have been having lots of issues on my R9 270 since about Crimson 16.3.2 and all versions up to 16.6.x


          In particular Company of Heroes 2 MP would crash either to desktop, blue screen or more often just plain hard lock the pc needing a complete power off; after about 30 minutes in game with sound glitching in a loop. I don't use the amd hdmi audio and its disabled in the drivers .


          Tested my RAM using Linux grub memtest and stress tested the cpu using intel burn test all ok, no smart issues and SFC scan is ok. Linux and windows 7 run fine and my other all be it simpler games like RCT3, this war of mine etc run fine. Just some game seem to cause these kind of locks. There are others having crashes and lock-ups on the 16.7.x drivers here...




          Was vulkan support introduced at 16.3.x ? Can someone confirm this ?

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            Does anyone have an idea how to fix that?

            The error is really annoying.

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              Is that event id44 correct (did you web search it).

              What is the exact error message (windows reliability history will show it).

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                I have gotten three hard freezes with this driver. While this does fix one issue that has really been bothering me (VSR on HDTVs), I can't have my PC crashing three times a day, I would be upset if it would crash once a month. I'm back to 16.7.2 and all seems well.

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                  On my R9 380 card I had to roll back to 15.11 I am still running crimson software but I just rolled back the driver version and my pc has been stable since. 16.7 was causing a lot of crashes for me too in windows 10 'Blue Screen Of Death' and memory addressing errors during gaming (where all the gpu memory was used up instantly which most games shouldn't be the case at all) made quite a few games unplayable, and unstable. I hope they address these issues soon to support the R9 series cards in the newer drivers because the crashes are quite unbearable during gaming, and I suspect a lot of people own R9 cards still.

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                    Hi there,

                    Glad to know that I am not alone, but sad to read all this. Here is what is happening with me and my "lovely" Radeon HD 7970 3GB OC from Gigabyte plus Windows 10 64bits and 16GB of RAM:


                    Company of Heroes 2 restarts the computer. After trying several graphic configurations this is one that I was able to finish the Theater of War > Case Blue > Assault on Voronezh (I have finished the mission but at the end the movie shows a building collapsing and the computer restarted):

                    On AMD Radeon Settings: everything off or use application settings. only opengl triple buffering on.

                    In the game: image quality low, anti-aliasing and v-sync off. the other settings left as is after pressing auto-detect button.


                    This configuration was the closest one I could set up to play CoH2 in a stable way, but even so not 100% stable.


                    Other "funny" things:

                    Starcraft 2 was restarting the computer, but after turning off v-sync and anti-aliasing, and setting the refresh rate as default, SC2 became stable again.

                    Diablo III : the same as SC2 but selecting 1920x1080 60hz as the resolution and refresh rate, with both monitor and driver set @ 60hz of refresh rate.

                    Battlefield 3: the same.


                    Older games that I've repeated the set up from CoH2 to test and it seems that they are stable:

                    Rise of Nations

                    Aliens Colonial Marines


                    Other STEAM games I did not have time to test but I have now 2 types of set up: for newer games I am following the SC2 configuration and for older games the CoH2 configuration.


                    As I am using the 16.8.3 driver hotfix pack over 16.7.3 core, I will keep the core at 16.7.3 and remove the driver pack and install the 15.11 version to see what happens.




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                        Hi there,


                        I was able to finish the CoH2 scenario I've mentioned before with the following: entire AMD pack in 15.11 version (removed everything before the installation) and the following graphics settings in the CoH2:

                        * auto-detected button pressed, changed to off anit-aliasing and v-sync.

                        * gameplay resolution set to 50% instead of 100%


                        And in the AMD Radeon Settings:

                        * Global graphics profile: Balanced

                        * In CoH2 profile: all off or use application settings, texture filtering standard, anti-aliasing method multisampling (but it does nothing as in the game is switched off)


                        After CoH2 match I've jumped to Diablo III to verify the behavior and I felt that 15.11 is more stable than the newer drivers. In Diablo III both v-sync and anti-aliasing were off and resolution was 1920x1080 @ 60hz


                        Hope this can be used to help others with the same issue.




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                        I found a solution for the power crashes caused by 16.7.3 driver:

                        1. I unistalled all AMD software

                        2. Turn off PC and open the tower

                        2. REMOVE the graphic card from motherboard

                        3. Reset the power supply

                        4. I removed the motherboard battery for a few seconds to achieve a complete reset

                        5. I turned on my computer (without the graphic card) and I installed the software of  integrated graphics (intel hd 4600 in my case)

                        6. I reboot after instalation and the problem was SOLVED

                        7. Then I just placed the graphic card to its place (with the previous driver) and it worked completely normal

                        Notes. first sorry for my english. It seems that 16.7.3 changes something at respect of power supply managment causing surges and hard crashes. Restore system is not necessary.

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