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Raptr causing programs not to start

Question asked by gehaa on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by amdmatt

Latest example is Second Life, yes some of us use it. Great for testing Oculus Rift.


Event log gives following errror:

Programnavn med feil: SecondLifeViewer.exe, versjon:, tidsangivelse: 0x573e3835

Modulnavn med feil: ltc_game32-114279.dll, versjon:, tidsangivelse: 0x57756220

Unntakskode: 0xc0000417

Feilforskyvning: 0x000b2439

Feil prosess-ID: 0x1b0c

Feil starttid for program: 0x01d1d77ded0e38dc

Feil programbane: D:\Second Life\SL vIEWER\SecondLifeViewer\SecondLifeViewer.exe

Feil modulbane: C:\PROGRA~2\Raptr Inc\PlaysTV\ltc_game32-114279.dll

Rapport-ID: a3772987-2175-488f-9326-964eea2ae7ca

Fullstendig navn på feilpakke:

Relativ program-ID for feilpakke:


Removed Raptr from my pc for the 110th time, and problem solved, PS this also fixed errors I had with itunes, and Raptr also slows down start up.


Please, change driver update files, so that I as user active must choose to install this, not like its today. Best would be if this was not included at all in the drivers software package. But a seperate download.