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    RX 480 - PC won't boot


      My computer won't boot at all when the RX 480 8GB is plugged in and has power connection. The fans are running, but nothing else happens. When the PC's power button is pressed, it turns off immediately.


      I expect the motherboard to cause this problem since it doesn't support UEFI and I'm also not sure if it is capable of delivering enough power over the PCI-E slot.

      I'm not completely sure, though.


      Old drivers are uninstalled, latest Radeon drivers are installed. Screen is connected via HDMI. Onboard graphics work when RX 480 is unpplugged.


      System configuration:

      - Intel Core i5-2310 2.9 GHz

      - Pegatron 2AB6 mainboard (BIOS version 7.14 - latest is 7.15, so BIOS-update probably wouldn't help)

      - PSU: FSP HEXA+ 500W- 8GB RAM

      - SanDisk 120 GB SSD

      - 1TB HDD

      - Win10 Home x64