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    RX 480 10-bit Color Support


      I'm wondering, given some of the press release material about the RX 480 and HDR, if this consumer GPU actually support 10-bit per channel color over Displayport like the Firepro lineup when connected to a compatible 10-bit display like an Eizo or NEC—that is, full support in the Windows desktop, not just via DirectX or OpenGL like I know several consumer cards already support.

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          The controller’s spec now includes DisplayPort 1.4-HDR as well, which doesn’t expose any new transmission rates, but incorporates Display Stream Compression 1.2 to allow up to 10-bit 4K content at 96Hz.


          Although we covered Polaris’ support for HDR late last year, AMD reiterates that its display pipeline is ready for first-gen 10-bit HDR displays, and 12-bit HDR further down the road. Its display color processing engine is highly programmable, enabling gamut remapping, gamma control, floating-point processing and 1:1 mapping with whatever display you match up to it.

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            I also need a little info.I have

            - Win10 x64

            - Dell U2713H (14 bit lut)

            - Radeon RX 480

            - Driver: 17.9.3

            - Displayport cable (however the 10 bit worked with the MacBook floawlessly with an USB-C --> HDMI --> DVI conversion too, that was a real surprise)


            Could you tell me how can I enable 10 bit color processing? I connected the monitor on a MacBook Pro 2016 and it was immediately 10 bit. I checked in Photoshop and the 10-bit gradient pattern worked like a charm. On Windows it was jaggy with discreet steps between the grey levels. I checked the options in the Photoshop/Preferences/Performance/10 bit checkbox.


            MacBook has an integrated Iris IGP only, while the RX 480 is a much-much advanced GPU, but I am still not able to use it in 10 bit mode. Please help! Thanks.