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GCN 4 Eyefinity supporting PLP mixed res+orientation?

Question asked by kleitus on Jun 27, 2016
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I am super excited about the upcoming RX 480 as probably the rest of the world is. :-)


I have a Portrait-Landscape-Portrait screen seutp that is absolutely wonderful, but I had to upgrade my 290x (GCN 1.1/2) to a R9 Nano (GCN 1.2/3) because the support of mixed resolution and orientation was only supported on these cards (285/380 and Nano/Fury).


With the massive resolution I am running (4960x1600) I find myself lacking memory so I am planning on upgrading to 2x RX 480 8Gb (390X 8Gb does not support PLP because it is GCN 1.1)


Can you please confirm to me that the new GCN "4" cards will still support PLP Eyefinity with mixed resolution and orientation? I really hope you are not cutting functionality with the new series... :-)


Kind regards

Theis, Denmark