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Problems with AMD radeon R9 380

Question asked by teolicious on Jun 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by teolicious

Approximately six months ago, I bought an AMD radeon R9 380 graphics card.I didn't experience any problems with it for the first two or three weeks.A month passed and problems started showing up.While I was working on my PC,not playing, the PC screen suddenly turned black, without the PC turning off.It just turned black with no way to recover it.I had to press the power button in order to restart the PC.However, while I play, sometimes the game freezes and a notification shows up, telling me that there are no AMD drivers Installed.I re-install the drivers from the CD that arrived with the package and it doesnt seem to work.


These events have been going on for two months now and I dont know how to deal with it.