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    Windows not recognizing my hardware correctly


      I have an MSI R7 250 and an A10 Chip with R7 graphics built in but windows is seeing the discrete card as a  R9 M360.  This at least seems to be part of the problem as to why i cant get the dual graphics working properly on this machine.




      Full specs:


      -AMD A10-7850k 3.7 GHz quad core processor

      - Windows 10 pro

      - 1TB Hard Drive

      -Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H motherboard

      - MSI Radeon R7 250 card, possible dual graphics set up

      -PNY 16GB ram DDR3 2133 CL-10 - recently upgraded

      -Corsair CX430 V2 Series CP-9020046-US 430W Power Supply - 80 Plus Bronze, single +12V Rail, AC Input 90~264V, ATX, 120mm Fan

      -Raygo SMT Pro Mini-Tower Computer Case - MicroATX,2x External 5.25" Bays, 4x Internal 3.5" Bays, 2x USB 3.0, 2x Audio, 4x PCI Slots, 90mm Rear Fan, USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 Adapter, Card Reader

      - DVD RW