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    AMD R9 280x hdmi 4k out question


      Hi there,


      I want to purchase a 4K tv and connect this to my and r9 280x hdmi out.

      it says in the description only 60hz is supported. I m a bit confused.

      Can i just get a 4K tv and hook it up to my computer? I live in europe. Is this 60hz related to 30fps usa standards?


      Can anyone give me some knowledge on this before i get a 4k tv?

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          If you get one of the new AMD RX 480 cards you can just use a regular HDMI 2.0 cable since that card supports HDMI 2.0


          If you get a 4K TV which has displayport (there are some which use it natively) then you can just use a displayport cable and don't need an adapter.


          For HDMI 1.4 cards like yours, 60Hz at 4K requires a special HDMI to Displayport adapter, otherwise you will only get 30Hz via regular HDMI since HDMI 1.4 doesn't support 60Hz at 4K.


          There are only a couple of adapters you can buy which support 60Hz at 4K, and some of those need a firmware update to work from the manufacturer of the adapter (some people don't need the update and some do)

          One such adapter is:


          That one did require a firmware update for me to work but once you update it, it does work OK


          If you do get an adapter be careful as some say they support 60Hz at 4K but they don't really so make sure you read reviews.  The one I linked above does actually work though.

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              thnx amdpete


              I use my and r9 with a 30 inch apple display on the dvi port and two 23 inch apple displays on the mini display ports.

              So I need to use the HDMI out of the R9 to connect my future 4k display.

              I ll have a look if there are any with display port in. Can i have the adapter on the TV side of the hdmi cable ?

              Is there no possibility to have 4K at 60 hz from the hdmi out of the r9 to the HDMi in of a 4k tv?


              sorry for the multiple questions ...still a bit confused about it.

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                  No you won't be able to use the HDMI port of the R9 card and get 60Hz via HDMI.

                  The adapter sits between the TV and AMD card. There is nothing you can do on the TV side of things to make it work without one.

                  If your card only has mini displayport ports you would need a slightly different model than the adapter I linked:



                  It also depends if your card can support 4 displays at once if you are going to be using the older monitors as well, you may need a MST Displayport 1.2 hub since some cards have a shared DVI & HDMI so both can't be used at once.  If it were me I would just use the apple display and the 4K TV but that is of course up to you


                  I used 30Hz over HDMI for a while before the adapters were released and it isn't too bad by the way.  Try it and if you don't like it then you can always get the adapter later on or a newer GPU which doesn't need an adapter.