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    ATI EEU Client Event Error in Event Viewer since 16.5.2 BETA Driver


      Lately since the day I've updated to 16.5.2 BETA Driver ( Doom Ready Driver ) I been getting this error in my Event Viewer.
      It only happens during every time I boot up. After that even long hours of gaming session it will not happen.
      So far it didn't affect anything. No crashing etc. But it's only been two weeks ++ now, sometimes all this things can go smoothly for long as Months before things go down south.


      Even now I've updated to the latest BETA Driver, I'm still getting this error. I never encounter this during the previous Drivers ( any other Drivers before 16.5.2 BETA )

      Now I've narrowed it down the problem is caused by AMD External Event Utility. I've tried changing the AMD External Event Utility Service to Manual and during boot up I no longer get this error anymore.
      But one problem, If I changed it to Manual. My FRTC no longer work ! Even I tried enabling back the Service manually my FRTC still won't work. So disabling this Service is out of the question because I do use FRTC.

      So I'm curios, is everyone else getting this error as well in their Event Viewer ? It's bit worrying.

      All it state in the Event Viewer is

      Log Name : Application

      Source : ATIeRecord
      EventID : 16388
      Task Category : EEU
      Keywords : Classic
      Level : Error

      Here's what I'm running on

      Windows 7 64-BIT

      Asus P8Z77-M Mobo

      i5 3550

      290X 8GB
      16GB Corsair Vengeance
      128GB SSD ( OS + Drivers Only )