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Hey all ,


AMD owners were sadly greeted with unacceptable performance in the final version of DOOM upon release. With that being said, bug reports are needed by all AMD users experiencing issues to bring this to the Radeon driver teams attention and to assist them in isolating the issues currently plaguing DOOM. Remember the more bug reports they receive, the more clearly they understand the severity of the situation.


With that being said, I know filing a bug report can be a pain, thus why so many decide not to report their issues.


To make filling out the bug report easier for everyone, I have listed below the most common issues AMD users are currently experiencing, as well as the video and graphics options contained in DOOM, so you can simply copy/paste what applies to your configuration.


File your Bug Report Below (Open In New Tab)


List your specifications in the Bug Report, as outlined in the post below (Open In New Tab)


Copy/Paste the available video and advanced graphics settings as noted below. Then fill in the blank to the right of each setting with the settings used during the tests. Be specific in regards to the modes you are experiencing issues such as DOOM Campaign, DOOM Multiplayer and DOOM Snap Map


Texture Filtering (DOOM Multiplayer): 8x Anisotropic Filtering


DOOM Video and Advanced Graphics Settings

⦁ Max Frames Per-Second:
⦁ Lights Quality:
⦁ Shading Quality:
⦁ Shadows Quality:
⦁ Post Process Quality:
⦁ Particles Quality:
⦁ Effects Quality:
⦁ Directional Occlusion Quality:
⦁ Reflections Quality:
⦁ Texture Filtering:
⦁ Motion Blur Amount:
⦁ Sharpening Amount:
⦁ Chromatic Aberration Amount:
⦁ Lens Flare:
⦁ Virtual Texturing Page Size:
⦁ Virtual Texturing Cache Size:
⦁ Virtual Texturing Compression:
⦁ Virtual Texturing Max PFF:
⦁ Vertical Sync:
⦁ Resolution Rendering Percentage:

Copy/Paste the performance issues that apply to you currently during your testing and ensure you list the specific mode said issues are experienced in such as DOOM Campaign, DOOM Multiplayer and DOOM Snap Map

Low and/or Unstable Frame Rates (DOOM Campaign, DOOM Multiplayer and DOOM Snap Map): Maximum Frame Rate - 97, Average Frame Rate - 47, Minimum Frame Rate - 12


Performance Related Issues

⦁ Low and/or Unstable Frame Rates
⦁ GPU Artifacts (Ex: Small white or colored boxes being displayed on monitor in the forefront of the game graphics)
⦁ Stuttering (EX: Appears to the user as frames suddenly being skipped)
⦁ Extremely High Frame Timings (Ex: Appears as if the game has completely stopped rendering frames for a long duration (1 second or more)
⦁ Driver Crash, but has recovered during gameplay
⦁ Crash To Desktop Due To Driver Error As Seen In Windows Event Viewer
⦁ Graphics Processing Unit Overheating While Using Driver Version 16.5.2
⦁ Crash To Desktop Due To AMD Gaming Evolved App


Radeon Crimson Issues

⦁ Radeon Crimson Game Profile Settings Applied Are Not Being Enabled In Game
⦁ Frame Rate Target Control Not Enabling In Game, When Enabled In Radeon Crimson Profile
⦁ Virtual Super Resolution Not Enabling In Game, When Enabled In Radeon Crimson Settings
⦁ GPU Scaling Not Enabling In Game, When Enabled In Radeon Crimson Settings and/or In Radeon Crimson Profile

Steam Threads Used For Reference
The below Steam threads were used for reference, due to the amount of responses they recieved from other AMD users experiencing similar issues. Yet, these are not a total representation of the threads created by AMD users which at the time of writing this is already at an unacceptable 40 pages worth of Steam threads related to poor AMD GPU/Driver performance and growing.


⦁ AMD Performance Is Terrible
⦁ AMD Performance - Not Great
⦁ Something Wrong With AMD Cards (200-300 Series)
⦁ Horrible Performance R9 290X
⦁ AMD Performance
⦁ AMD Random Frame Rate Drop
⦁ Devs, OpenGL 4.3 vs 4.5? Why gimping GPU performance?



I hope this assists the AMD community while filling out their DOOM bug report, have a nice day all.