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MSI R9 390 GPU Memory Clock always maxed on 144hz monitor?

Question asked by kreso on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by ccarps

I've just recently bought a new monitor (asus vg248) and the GPU Memory Clock is always maxed (1500Mhz) since i turned on the 144hz setting. I did not have this issue on my older 60hz monitor but since i bought this one the Memory Clock has been sky high. The strange thing is when i turn down the Hz to 120hz the Memory Clock goes down to the original 150Mhz. The temperature increases from around 35c with 120hz to 45c with 144hz and thats with the fans on 60%.


I was wondering what the problem could be because I don't think that a graphics card with its Memory Clock on max all the time will last long. If anyone got any ideas please share them with me because I'm not sure what to do here.