fglrx dropped too soon

Discussion created by ramchyld on May 6, 2016
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I would like to ask AMD to please reconsider their move to drop fglrx.


I have a desktop with an AMD A10 APU that has a RadeonHD 7660D graphics core. It is currently paired with a PCIe RadeonHD 6670 graphics card.


Up until Ubuntu 15.10, I could use Dual Graphics on the setup (as CrossFire). However, with 16.04, I can no longer crossfire because fglrx has been dropped. The open-source radeon driver cannot do crossfire/dual graphics and I understand that the upcoming amdgpu drivers does not support these Northern Islands-based cards. Even worse, the radeon driver cannot support OpenCL either, rendering the system pretty much a paperweight.


Switching to a different distro is also a no-go since only Ubuntu supports booting from a GPT partition table on a RAID array. Not even Debian supports it.


I ask that AMD please reconsider your stand. This is coming from a longtime AMD fan. Please reconsider the move as the machine is not really fully functional without CrossFire and OpenCL, and the only way I can get those features on the system now is on fglrx.


Thank you.