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    fglrx dropped too soon




      I would like to ask AMD to please reconsider their move to drop fglrx.


      I have a desktop with an AMD A10 APU that has a RadeonHD 7660D graphics core. It is currently paired with a PCIe RadeonHD 6670 graphics card.


      Up until Ubuntu 15.10, I could use Dual Graphics on the setup (as CrossFire). However, with 16.04, I can no longer crossfire because fglrx has been dropped. The open-source radeon driver cannot do crossfire/dual graphics and I understand that the upcoming amdgpu drivers does not support these Northern Islands-based cards. Even worse, the radeon driver cannot support OpenCL either, rendering the system pretty much a paperweight.


      Switching to a different distro is also a no-go since only Ubuntu supports booting from a GPT partition table on a RAID array. Not even Debian supports it.


      I ask that AMD please reconsider your stand. This is coming from a longtime AMD fan. Please reconsider the move as the machine is not really fully functional without CrossFire and OpenCL, and the only way I can get those features on the system now is on fglrx.


      Thank you.



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          I was also almost a fan of AMD until buying laptop with Intel/AMD PowerXPress...


          Of course this will not completely solve your problem, but try to use Gallium OpenCL SDK for opensource driver. Maybe it will work until your problem is not solved.


          Although, I wold downgrade OS to the working version.

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              Thing is tho, I don't want to run two different versions of Ubuntu. I already have two other Ubuntu 16.04 LTS machines and one VM in my lab, all upgraded fine (They're Phenom II and Athlon II machines on nForce boards with NVidia GPUs, from the time before AMD bought up ATI- my lab consists mostly of this kind of machine). This machine I'm having trouble with was the first full-AMD machine I've ever built, and the GPU was specifically chosen to match the CPU so I can dual graphics the machine, but now it seems that there is no fully functional driver for the architecture.