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R9 390 crossfire Temp probs

Question asked by ch4c4 on Apr 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by savagebeastzero

Hi all i recently bought a second msi r9 390 for crossfire.

Before with just one card my temp was 77 max. Now with two cards the main one goes all the way up to 94 and fans 100% the second stays in the 72 73.

I have little space between them as i have a msi 170 gaming 5 mobo.

Is this temp normal? Will it make the grpah card go bad?


My system is as follows:

CPU : i7 6700k

Mobo : Msi z170 gaming 5

Ram 2x 8GB Corsair 2400

PSU : AX1200i Corsair

HDD : seagate 500gb sata

CPU cooler : Cooler Master 212 evo with a cool master sicklefow 120 mm fan

Case : Thermaltake core v31 without the HDD cage

6 system fan (2 Corsair AF120, 1 cooler master sickeflow, 2 thermaltake and one coolermaster ) 3 pulling air in and 3 out.