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    adjust brightness


      I just upgraded my Dell Mobile Precision M6600 with a M6100 Fire Pro to Windows 10. I lost the ability to adjust screen brightness with the function keys, or in the power options screen. I do get the OSD display, but the brightness isn't actually changed.

      I have tried several drivers from both the AMD and DELL sites, all of which misreported the card as a M8950 until I finally found a special version for DELL on the AMD site which identifies it correctly (version 15.201.2401.0). None of those drivers helped.

      Any ideas?


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          Adding our Firepro expert fsadough.

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            More info: I can adjust the brightness in BIOS, and it appears the last brightness selected there is what the system "locks into". There are two separate settings for AC and battery operation and brightness will change between them while windows is running as the power adapter is connected/disconnected.


            -- Bob

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              Search the registry for all occurrences of the "KMD_EnableBrightnessInterface2" key using regedit and change the keys value from 1 to 0.

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                  Thanks, that nailed it. You would not believe the amount of time I spent trying to resolve this before coming upon this forum.

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                      You're most welcome rammerman


                      If you have the time, could you please report the issue to AMD using their issue reporting form so that they are aware. Thank you.

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                              Unfortunateley, the actual driver: "win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-16.12.1-dec7"

                              still needs to be regedited "KMD_EnableBrightnessInterface2" to "0"


                              At the moment, this driver seems to work, but hopefully this driver has the black screen bug fixed.


                              Why are they doing such a thing - this is a 500 MB driver package, ...

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                                  Laptop designs are determined by the manufacturer of the laptop. Therefore, for all features to work as out of the box, you can only use drivers provided by the laptop manufacturer.


                                  The general purpose drivers provided by AMD may not support all vendor specific features.

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                                      The Dell M6600 has no support for Win10 at all. (Which is a shame because Microsoft says everything is ok and only the card reader and the brightness control makes trouble.)

                                      Additionally, I got a replacement card for my FirePro 8900.

                                      In Windows 7 this replacement card identified as FirePro m6100, but now as AMD Radeon HD 8950.


                                      I am wondering, that such a simple thing like a brightness control

                                           a) is not included in the drivers gui

                                           b) cannot be done via registering a hotkey

                                      BUT is available via a secret registry setting.


                                      As far as I can see is the driver able to cover all functions. If it is stable, I would be very happy with that driver.

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                              I have the same brightness adjustment but I don't know what regedit is, can you please help me.


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                                  1. Open Notepad.

                                  2. Copy and paste the below into the new Notepad window.


                                  Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





                                  3. Go to File menu then Save

                                      File Name:          DisableBrightnessInterface2.reg

                                      Save as type:     All Files (*.*)


                                  4. Close Notepad and go to the location where you saved the file. Double click and run it. When prompted if you want to add the information to the registry select Yes.

                                  5. Restart Windows.


                                  Hopefully your brightness issue is now resolved Keep the file as you will need to run this every time you install a new driver unless AMD fixes the issue.

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                                Try this:

                                Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Device Manager.

                                In the Device Manager window, look for “Monitors”, then right-click your monitor and select “Uninstall”. Be sure to also check the “Remove driver” option. Once removed, click the “Scan for hardware changes” icon