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Enabling Freesync on an Eyefinity setup?

Question asked by lincard1000 on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by lincard1000

HI all... I've recently treated myself (or is that treated the credit card company?) to an upgrade on my gaming rig of a R9 Fury and 3 x Asus 27" Freesync capable gaming monitors. Got Eyefinity configured and running without any issues (and games look loooooovely!). Just wondering if it's possible to get Freesync running at the same time as an Eyefinity setup?


My searching online hasn't lead to any conclusive answers other than "it may be possible in a future driver release". So I'm guessing to get Freesync functionality I'd have to be running the monitors as 3 independent displays instead of one big 'virtual' monitor?


Would appreciate any insight! Thanks all :-)