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    R9 380X Downclocking, Stuttering, Black Screen while gaming Crimson 16.3


      Hey all,


      at first my data:

      Desktop PC

      RAM 8GB

      Intel Core i7 2600k

      Crimson 16.3 (Toggled Power Efficiency Off)

      Sapphire Nitro R9 380X

      Monitor 1: Samsung 24" 1080p 60Hz Connected to HDMI

      Monitor 2: Samsung TV 1080p 60Hz Connected to DVI with an DVI<->HDMI Adapter

      Motherboard: Asrock P67 Extreme6

      Power supply: XStrike 600W

      Windows 10


      I was happy there should be a fix in Crimson 16.3 for the downclocking and stuttering issue. Unfortunately it does not fix it for me.

      I made a clean uninstall with DDU and clean new install of 16.3 and then toggled off power efficiency.

      After about an hour of gaming (just played in the last time Tom Clancy's The Division) it starts again with downclocking and massive stuttering. After 5 Minutes it seems to work again for the next couple of time. But often it will crash in this situation (black screen with no signal).

      Very good for reproducing in Tom Clancy's The Division: almost everytime i run out the start zone in Manhatten (Camp Hudson) it ends up in a black screen. Therefore its nevermind how long the game is running. Just go out the zone so that you get your weapons back and there it will often crash for me.


      I attached two logs made with Afterburner. Each of them ended in a crash at the end of meassurement.


      Please help me or even try harder to fix this issue.