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AMD, crossfire amd drivers.

Question asked by theonlydoor on Mar 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 21, 2016 by kroms

So if this isn't the right place for this perhaps a moderator could move this for me.

Gonna vent a bit, mabey it will help or not. I just got The Division, high hopes for my 4k gaming per what has become usual now....performance with AMD is hit or miss with every single game for the past 3 years for me. Dual 390xs and of course only one gpu performs and that with unstable clock speeds in the Division. Now I would normally just wait with fingers crossed for 90 percent utilization on the guys with full core clocks for a future crimson update. .....but a year after the Witcher 3 ......still no profile or support, Elite profile and no crossfire support. Dying light was another wreck for crossfire......the only games ( that I played of course) that benefit from an AMD rig were the battlefield series and built for AMD.

It just seems I've spent, so much money on AMD over the past several years ( many thousands of dollars) on builds because they were the cheaper option over Nvidia/intel....always hoping for the performance I just knew/hoped red team would deliver.......I just seems it can't for multi gpu setups. I just bought 2 390xs over recommendations I invest in 980s or 980ti's........and between Witcher 3, Elite Dangerous and now The Division......I'm just jaded on amd for multi gpu setups.

After playing 4k for a year now there is no going back to 1080p or 2k .......4k has set the standard and as such my builds will need a multi gpu focus. Unless I can be convinced otherwise some how I'm going Brodwell-E this summer from my OC'd 8350 and selling my 390x's on ebay and going dual  Titan X's or whatever Nvidia has to offer this summer.

What good is a ultra HD setup with AMD and Uber power in the cards if performance is completely knee capped by the drivers which are only ever "sort of" fixed for a few games without the AMD logo and never touched for many AAA titles even a year after release?

It's like their "driver" dept. has only 2 employees who only work part time.

Am I just wrong?