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    how do i check for (and update) the newest chipset drivers for my athlon II X4 630 processor?


      I am trying to install a new, large HDD on my old HP desktop PC;

      Model # - p6310f

      Processor - Athlon II X4 630

      OS - Windows 7 Ultimate


      6GB RAM


      I'd like to use a 3TB Seagate drive.  When I installed it the system only recognized 736GB of the drive.

      I spoke to Seagate and they said that I would need to update the chipset drivers.

      So my questions are:

      1 - is there a new set of drivers available?

      2 - if so, where can I get the drivers?

      3 - how do i install the new drivers?

      If there is no updated set of drivers available, can anyone tell me how large a drive i can install?  For instance, if i can't install a 3TB, perhaps I can install a 2TB??? A larger drive would help me a lot.