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    Asus Radeon R9 Fury no video input


      Hi guys,


      I recently bought a Radeon R9 Fury and soon after ive been getting screen freezes in games, with almost immediately after that: no video input notification.

      The problem is seeminlgy random but will happen more often when 2 displays are attached.

      I think it might be a driver issue but i dont know how to confirm this.



      Asus Radeon R9 Fury

      Latest drivers: 15.301.1201.0

      Radeon Settings Version: 2015.1223.1060.19763


      Intel Core i5-6600K

      Seagate 2TB SATA HDD

      Samsung 850 EVO

      Microsoft Windows 10 64bit

      MSI Z170A Tomahawk

      Samsung SE-208GB

      6903 Corsair Vengeance LPX

      Monitor: Philips 242G5 144 Hertz


      I hope someone knows what to do and can help me


      Thanks in advance

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          What temperature is the GPU reaching?


          Please try rolling back to Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta or Catalyst 15.7.1. WHQL to determine if the same behaviour occurs.

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            i had the same issues with my fury on windows 10 x64 pro, its not just fury cards either.

            any game or anything that used a lot of resources would freeze windows 10 or the application/game

            i would get issues like graphics corruption (little squares) or just a hard lock and if windows was not completely frozen requiring a reset

            i would get a message that there was an issue with my display drivers and display port cable and my resolution would be changed to 1600x900

            but turning my monitor off and on would restore my resolution back to 3840x2160.


            what i discovered via searching was a video on youtube that mentioned windows 10 power options.

            specifically the pci express settings.

            goto your power options (advanced settings) and turn off "link state power management" in the pci express option, i also tuned off shut down monitor and put system to sleep after x time too (dont think thats necessary though) since i did that i have not had any freezes but i have not really done that much gaming since then (2 days) but it seems to have solved the issue ..... so far.


            my system

            using the latest crimson drivers 16.1.1

            windows 10 x64 pro

            fx 8350 @4.2ghz

            16gb 4x4gb @1866mhz

            asus r9 fury strix

            asus xonar essence stx

            sabertooth 990fx rev1.0

            lepa 850watt psu

            asus PB287Q 4k monitor

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              Thanks for your reply's,


              For now this issue only occurred when i was playing one certain game. And if used a second monitor it started crashing on other games as well.

              It's hard to test this for me, since it only happens once in a while (kinda random).


              Anyway, i reinstalled the latest drivers and for now it seems that, that fixed the problem.

              I will do furthermore testing, and let you know.



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                So I rolled back too to Catalyst, but the problem continues...

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                    I really hope not!


                    They already switched this card.. cause the card showed snow effects and crashed when using the videocard highly... Guess i contact the store where i brought it.

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                        Which game is the issue happening in?


                        Can you try running just one display and see if the same issue occurs?


                        Can you try lowering the core clock of the gpu by 200Mhz to see if that has any effect on the issue?

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                            I brought this entire pc, and monitor new, so i could finally play the Witcher 3.


                            So too explain what's happening; lets call this a 'monitor crash'.

                            I had two Monitors connected and after a few days playing the Witcher 3 this problem occurred. First this happend once in a while, but it looked like the longer id play the the more often the monitors crashed.  At a certain moment i couldnt even play the game decent anymore. Then I decided to remove my oldest monitor cause I taught it was maybe because one is on 144hz and the other one on 60hz. Ever since I removed the second monitor it did not crash anymore in the witcher 3.


                            Then a week later I started playing 'League of Legends' and it started crashing there, but it happened less often, and not always in game but also in the login menu, or launcher.


                            I tried reinstalling the video drivers all over again and rolled back too to Catalyst. But this keeps happening.


                            I have no idea what this can be, it's so random that its even hard to test, but i will try your other suggestion!


                            Thanks for holding on.


                            Kind regards,



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                        Perhaps a little bit good news.


                        I tried my old monitor and it seems that I do not have the problem anymore.

                        Perhaps the new monitor (Philips 242G5 144 Hertz) is not compatible with the Fury? of it's a defect.


                        Will now try the monitor on another pc and contacted the seller.

                        Let you know if i have new information.


                        Kind regards, mino

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                          So the company of the screens says there is nothing wrong with it, and it's probably an issue of my computer, or cable. Apparently this monitor and the fury aren't compatible together.

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                              i finally solved my monitor crashes ? maybe ..... although i think your dual monitor issue might be a bit different but anyways.


                              i just set my gpu clock down by 10% in radeon settings (global overdrive) have not played that much but i just finished a 2hr session of far cry primal

                              @1440p and ran the hitman benchmark twice through @1440p ..... so far my system is stable ..... for now.

                              i will add a follow up if my system starts crashing again.