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    r9 390 drivers crash while not in game


      My problem seems like a weird one which is giving me a lot of trouble, if I'm not in a game and am just browsing the web or flipping through documents, using word or whatever I can sometimes crash in about ~15minutes usually. However if I'm tabbed into a game whether it be fullscreen or windowed I won't crash and can just keep gaming forever. (Browser based games will crash me). Most commonly the drivers don't recover and I get a BSOD with the error Device Driver stuck in an infinite loop or the screen just sits black and doesn't change.


      I've tried clean installing all my video drivers using DDU and updating just about everything I can think of (Windows, bios, GPU, other devices.)


      Specs are:

      Windows 7 64bit

      PowerColor R9 390


      EvGa 750 gq

      Asus z97-A

      16gb DDR3 ram

      AoC 2236 monitor

      Asus VH242H monitor

      Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.1.1

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          You forgot to provide enough information, for example what browser you are using and what AMD drivers you are using.


          Based on the information you have provided, I would recommend trying to disable hardware acceleration in your web browser to determine if that has any effect on the display driver crashes.

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            Sorry, I am using Radeon Crimson Edition 16.1.1 and Chrome.


            I tried disabling it and still crash, the internet browsing was just an example I can crash trying to open a file/game/at pretty much any time.

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              So, I swapped out to a clean SSD and tried installing Windows 7 (If 7 is an issue should I bother buying 8.1 or just upgrade to 10?). Which didn't fix the crashing, switching back to my old 7850 card has stopped the crashing for now though. Not sure if that points to a card error or something else. Going to see if I can get a friend to try my 390 in his PC and see if it'll work ;/

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                I'm sorry I do not speak good English and I 'm using google translate , it may be rare what I write .
                I have exactly the same problem. I read a lot and try many things I no longer have more options.
                - Format the PC.
                - Upgrade to the newest drivers.
                - Back to previous drivers .
                - Windows Update .
                - Constant Leave the cooler fan to the fullest.
                - I did a performance test and made no mistake. It is no temperature problems or power .
                - Outreach to see in a moment that said error " Display driver stopped responding and recovered " .
                The latter took me to a page advising add in the " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ GraphicsDrivers "
                a ' QWORD ( 64 bits) " with the name" TdrDelay " with a value of 8 .
                I suspect that is the vbios as I read in some forum , but I dare not touch that.
                Does anyone know anything more than any of that ?

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                  Good news!

                  I read that is compatibility problem between Intel and AMD drivers but I found a "temporary solution" that has paid off me. I took another forum. I share with you if it works.

                  Install the MSI Afterburner and set "Force Constant Voltage" and unlock the voltage in settings. Then go and put this values:
                  core voltage 25

                  powerlimit 5

                  core clock 875

                  memory clock 950

                  im let the Fan speed in auto.

                  save the profile and test.

                  I looked netflix all day and played Witcher 3 and LoL a few hours.

                  0 Crash

                  I wish to be useful to you. =)

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                      I appreciate that.



                      ..................................... I just installed amd-catalyst-15.7.1-win10-64bit.Everything is fine now.

                      Also i found in the Cabot house Temperatures would climb up to 74c in the house. Reasons i don't know why.But my game did not crash.An i was watching it climb.Outside in Sanctuary Hill temps were 66c Cabot house 74.So like i said.its the game.An some sort of compatibility.So i said screw this.I Formatted again.An installed that older driver.No crashes.I also read up on every one of the 16.1+ drivers have caused a crash so.yeah Someone let AMD Devs know.