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    MSI R9 380 PC crash on intense gaming.


      About 2 months ago I made myself a nice gaming PC.I didn't had any problems until i started playing GTA V and Fallout 4.The GTA V is running fine on lower-medium settings,but when i change graphics settings on high,even if it's not lagging,still 50+ fps my game crash after some minutes of playing,first times i didn't got any error messages,my monitor just go black but sound of game was still on,after those crashes i wasn't able to do nothing,need to do a force PC restart.On fallout 4 instead is crashing no matters what graphics settings I put.At first i was thinking that i got an CPU overheating problem,or PSU problem but after some research i saw that CPU,GPU temperatures are normal,and PSU is working fine,the voltages are ok... I did a lot of hardware tests and all is working good.I try to reinstall windows 3 times,from windows 8 to windows 8.1 and to windows 10,same problem.I also reinstalled AMD drivers more than 3 times,tried Crimson Edition 16.1 Hotfix ,then Crimson Edition 15.12 and didn't help.Sometimes after games crash it's just exit the game and a message in corner of monitor says that the AMD drivers got crashed but were successfully recovered,that message happens very rare because in most cases the PC just stops responding,need to do a force restart.What should i try to repair that problem,i don't have any ideas left.

      System configuration:

      Windows 10 PRO  64 bit
      Videocard:         MSI R9 380 4GB

      Motherboard:    Asrock h97 anniversary
      RAM:                 Corsair 8GBx1

      Memory:            WD Blue 1TB
      Processor:         Intel core i-5 4460 3.2GHz

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          It's not a hardware problem(I think) my friend. The black screen(no signal) is a common problem for most if not all R9 2xx 3xx series since the release of the Crimson Drivers.

          Even if you RMA all your components you will still face the same random black screens in most of modern directx 11 games.


          I have the Gigabyte R9 380 Gaming model and I had my first black screen while playing Assassin's Creed Unity 1 month or so ago. I finished the game with overall 6-7 black screens and I had the same problem in Syndicate too.


          Re-install of Windows or a clean install of the latest drivers with DDU won't fix the problem for long. The options of each game don't matter too. It was pure luck that you didn't have a black screen in low settings in GTA. If you play some more you eventually have one.


          The issue from what I found is in the automatic underclock of each card when you are not using it in full load at some parts of each game. The card underclock its MHz and eventually its core voltage to save power. When the game needs more GPU power the card goes back to full load but sometimes it forgets to overclock its core voltage quickly enough and that's can cause the GPU to shutdown and thus the monitor to lose the sygnal. I know it sounds like a hardware problem but in reality the card should have never tried to save power while in use of a proper game .


          You have three options


          1) You live with it until a new crimson driver fix the problem or the company of each ati card release a new vBios for the card for this specific problem. It sounds bad but the problem is generally rare in most of the games and totally random. You can have a black screen, force a restart and then play for 10-12 hours without a problem.


          2) You can try installing the last Catalyst drivers(15.11.x-beta) before the release of the first Crimson drivers. I think they will work fine outside some bad textures and performance on the latest games. I read in a post here that you can somehow install the the new Crimson drivers but forced them running with the Catalyst control center of the 15.11 but I didn't try it myself to see if it's working.


          3) Couple of days ago I found a program called Clockblocker. It sound funny I know but it's job is to force the gpu to always run at its highest clock while gaming. I only tried it for 5-6 hours of gaming which is not nearly enough time of testing but until now I had zero black screens. Google it and download it for guru3d I think. It's safe. It suppose to block the gpu only in full screen programs(games) but for some logical reason it can't regognise all the programs and you have to enable it before you start the game with one easy click. You can do the same job with more famous tools like MSI Afterburner or Trixx but I found the Clockblocker the easiest one.


          In case you may ask we pretty much have the same system:


          Windows 10 pro 64bit

          Gigabyte r9 380 Gaming 4gb

          Asus H97m-e (most recent bios)

          Crucial 8gb ram

          I5 Intel 4460 3.2 GHz


          Sorry for my poor english.


          Good luck!

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              Thanks,guess I will try the Clockblocker.Will see if it helps.Hope that AMD will get rid of that problem soon.

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                  Tried that program,Clockblocker,sad that doesn't work,after a hour of fallout 4 it crashed again

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                      Try it again without using any other overlay programs like MSI Afterburner etc and by enabling it yourself with a right click on the yellow rooster>quick action>default-block before you start Fallout 4.


                      If you don't do it like that it's possible the block on your gpu to not work properly..

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                        I also experienced these issues in Fallout 4. Sometimes the game was blocked from accessing graphics hardware, other times the display drivers crashed, but mostly the GPU crashed and the monitor went to a black screen forcing me to do a hard reset.


                        Reverting to Catalyst 15.11.1beta got rid of all these issues. The only times I've crashed since reverting are at the BADTFL Offices in game, except that has nothing to do with drivers or anything, its just a bugged area in the game, especially if you are in power armor. I recommend you revert (performance isn't that much different for me) and wait until AMD decides to fix these issues.


                        It seems to be a common thing for the R9 380. I almost RMA'd.

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                    Sooo,i downgraded from windows 10 to 8,now i see that even if i have my game crash it's just exit to desktop,no need to force restart PC,in more than 8 hours of playing fallout got crashed only one time,don't know what happened but it's better than it was,that's good.At least i'm sure that it's not a hardware problem.Seems that AMD driver are better optimized for windows 8.

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                        It's just FO in general(don't know if you played prev. versions). How big is your game save file, recommend keep saves to 10(maybe up to 20).

                        And, of course, every comp. syst. requires different graphics settings(based on your cpu/mobo/ram/graphics specs.,etc..).

                        As well as if you opted into beta updates/using mods.

                        My only mod is FOV to 100, no beta updates(as with previous versions).

                        I'm on 8.1, 3570k,7970 card, z77x mobo.