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W600 4 x passive + 2 active

Question asked by w600user on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by w600user

Dear friends,

Recently I have purchased 4 PCs with W600 for supporting 6xHDMI 55' monitors, 1 x HDMI projector and 9 x DVI  monitors.

I have connected 4 x Passive ((mDP (M)  converters to  HDMI (M)) > ((HDMI (F) - DVI (M)) cable 2 m - MONITOR.

I would like to ask an advice - will all 6 video channels  work if I connect  additional 2 x  Active ((mDP (M) converters to  DVI (F))>((DVI(M) passive converters to HDMI (F))>((HDMI (M) -HDMI (M)) cable 20 m - MONITOR


Thank you for your support and advice