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Display driver installs fine but gives CODE 43 in device manager on every boot

Question asked by dangerale on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by dangerale

As the title says;

My driver manages to install perfectly fine. It initializes the card (flickering screen) and displays the appropriate driver in device manager (AMD Radeon R9 200) with no errors. However, when I shutdown or restart, the driver stops working and it shows up with an exclamation point in device manager. The details say CODE 43 - The device has stopped working. This requires me to uninstall and reinstall the driver every time I boot.


I've done a number things:

- Install fresh by first uninstalling all AMD software and drivers

- installing manually using device managers driver installer and directing it to the appropriate subfolders

- Cleaned registry


I don't have any AV software.


Going into windows event viewer, on boot it says Display driver failed to start.

Also something weird and possibly related - when the driver is broken and it shows CODE 43 in device manager, the computer will eventually quit showing a generic Windows 10 bluescreen.


Windows 10 Pro x64 - Version 10.0.10586
AMD Radeon R9 280x XFX Edition

AMD FX-8350

Gigabyte 970A - DS3P