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"Access Violation" - Memory Cannot Be Read (World of Warcraft)

Question asked by bamboostick on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by stonelight

For the past week or so, I've been getting crashes whilst playing World of Warcraft (particularity at the end of loading screens, if that means anything).
The reason I believe it to me related to my GPU/Drivers is this error log:


I notice that "atidxx64.dll" is mentioned a lot here, and was wondering if the error report was blaming this?


<Inspector.IssueType> Exception

<ExceptionType> Crash



(DBG-OPTIONS<FunctionsOnly SingleLine> DBG-ADDR<00007fff3b66b6f4>("atidxx64.dll") <- DBG-ADDR<00007fff3b66bfc4>("atidxx64.dll") <- DBG-ADDR<00007fff3b6671f6>("atidxx64.dll") DBG-OPTIONS<>)

The instruction at "0x00007fff3b66b6f4" referenced memory at "0x0000000000000008".

The memory could not be "read".



I've reinstalled the game, sweeped out all ATI/AMD drivers and reinstalled fresh, along with Crimson, I've even reinstalled Windows 10 fresh yesterday and the problem still persists.


Any help would be greatly appreciated