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    Amd hd5450 and dual monitors


      Hello again,


      I was on this forum last on Dec 29th. Since then I purchased an AMD HD5450 in order to support dual monitors. In order to fit the card into my mini tower slot I removed the VGA. Currently the HDMI is plugged in  to the card and the VGA is plugged in to an adapter to the DVI port also on the card.  I have had no luck is getting the second monitor to work.  The card shows up in the device manager under display adapter and under monitor the HDMI shows up for the first monitor.  The AMD catalyst does not detect a second monitor nor does windows.


      Any ideas?


      Thank you,


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          It sounds like an incompatibility issue with the adapter used. I would consider trying a different adapter, or using a different display connection.


          Does the VGA adapter work when the HDMI is not connected? Is the second monitor configured to the correct channel?

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              I've read after I purchased the dvi-i adapter that they don't work. That you need a true converter to change the analog signal.   Anyway, I will try removing the hdmi and see if that works with the vga and adapter plugged in only.  I have ordered another half card bracket to support the vga that I unplugged from the graphics card.  Maybe directly plugging the vga into the card will work.


              I don't know about the correct channel, but I have the CD and used it for installation.  Should I remove the software before placing the card with vga back in and start over?