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    Submitting a AMD Issue Report


      If you are having a problem with your graphics card or a particular game...Please report it to AMD. Keep in mind that the more reports sent to the Catalyst engineers, the more attention paid. This is the only way things get fixed. Note that all issues must be reproducible (this is why specific information is required), and submitting a "Issue Report" is not a invitation to a dialog with AMD. Don't expect a reply. Just report it and encourage others to do the same.


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          they never care about us trust me.They have many bad report from user,but they can t fix it because there are many report and don't have necessary time to resolve issue,and...nevermind

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            I have repeatedly submitted problem reports via www.amd.com/report over the last 45 days. I have also opened 3 tickets through the AMD ticket submission Email Form , but my tickets keep getting closed and then i'm told to submit either a bug report regarding a driver issue for a specific game, or told to go to the link you provided in this post.


            So I initiate a support case request (which is supposed to involve human response), but then my case is closed and i'm told to submit a problem/bug report (which doesn't involve a human response).   What kind of support is that?!


            I have an easy to understand issue. One i've spent dozens of hours troubleshooting. One i've bought numerous hardware components and cables troubleshooting, and even reinstalled Windows several times during troubleshooting.  I'm not getting anywhere with the issue and AMD is not helping me.


            I've taken the information from my latest AMD support case #8200671282 and put it into a forum thread hoping to catch the eye of someone from AMD that can help.  I do not want to return my Fury X card, nor do I want to return my wonderful freesync monitor... and with Amazon's amazing holiday return period i've been given a huge window to troubleshoot the issue. Yet after 45 days... no help from AMD... just more and more confirmations read from customers who have the same issue.


            Can you please help? I posted the issue here Fury X flickering lines in games when using displayport