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AM3+ FM2+ DDR3 compatibility

Question asked by hardcoregames™ on Dec 21, 2015
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I have a lot of DDR3 of varying speeds and capacity. I have also read the JEDEC manuals among others.


For the most part AMD motherboards with DDR3 slots are nowhere nearly as bad and some Intel rigs. This is mainly due to AMD selling to the DIY market.


I have extracted the BIOS from a lot of machines to look it over to see what is up. No surprise to find deviation from the standard,. Lenovo and Dell and well known to block hardware that is not sourced from their overpriced catalogs.


So after some issues with RAM from eBay that were flagrant counterfeits I have expanded my site with dozens of new pages. More to come as time permits.


Hardcore Games™: DDR3 RAM


Hardcore Games™: Counterfeit DDR3 Memory


Now I use AMD AM3 motherboards instead of the FM2+ only due to the disdain for integrated video. I noticed a lot of RAM does not like socket FM2+ rigs, so what is up with those boards?