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Radeon R9 270x 3 monitor

Question asked by on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by t77chevy

Hello! I currently have a setup with 2 monitors (2 Dvi) running on a R9 270x on windows 10 64-bit. I have been trying to setup a 3rd for about a month now. I have a Display port to HDMI connector and im trying this setup-
Dvi - Monitor
Dvi - Same monitor as ^

DP - HDMI adapter - tv monitor
When I have my 2 monitors working fine, then plug in my 3rd monitor, one of the main monitors shut off and the 3rd monitor activates. I have tried shutting it down and plugging the monitors in one by one, but nothing. (SOME THING TO NOTE! my 3rd monitor IS connected to the DP)
Another thing, when I go into catalyst control, only 2 monitors show up until I go to "creating and arranging desktops" whatever monitor is disabled, shows up as "disabled" and it will not let me extend/enable, it will only let me swap. not sure what to do anymore. pls help! Thanks!