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Is there a fix for Windows 10 HD 6990 Crossfire problem?

Question asked by ace42 on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by ace42

My problem is straight-forward:  Ever switching to a clean-install of Windows 10 64-bit, CrossfireX has been messed up for my HD6990; and none of the different drivers solve the problem.  Under Windows 7 (64-bit) it worked fine.  BTW, I'm using MSI Afterburner for manual fan control - which wasn't a problem under Win7 and shouldn't be a problem now).



Numerous games will "flicker" badly in Fullscreen mode when CrossfireX is enabled - kinda like page-tearing but a bit different (it's clearly an AFR problem) - some /seem/ to be working fine (TF2 being a notable example);

They stop flickering when games are set to borderless window mode (Crossfire is being forced to deactivated);

Trying to disable crossfire in the control centre or crimson has absolutely no effect whatsover (the drivers appear to be ignoring that command).


Switching to different forms of crossfirex doesn't fix the problem, nor does toggling frame-pacing.


I've done a full wipe and purge of all video drivers on the system and clean installs with all the windows10 (64-bit) drivers released to date, although some have disabled crossfireX support altogether, none have actually address the problem.

Having "enable crossfireX for games without a profile" unticked has no effect.Toggling v-sync has no effect.


Ideally, I'd like to just fix this problem outright and thus be able to use CrossfireX with the countless games that it worked flawlessly on when using Win7; but even just fixing the drivers so the application profiles actually let me toggle Crossfire to disabled would be a massive start - as I am simply screwed on games that don't offer borderless windowed mode as an option and thus deny me a work-around..


So, any ideas?

Now that HD 6000 series is considered legacy there's apparently going to be no more drivers, and with none of the existing drivers actually working right I'm kinda boned.  Are there any community drivers?  Or a community repackage of working Win7/8.1 64-bit drivers that might address this issue?

Any third-party apps that could sort it?


I'm at the end-of-my-tether with this, and if I can't get it sorted I guarantee this is the last AMD card I'll ever purchase.