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Crimson: HD 7850 on different PCI-E Slot. Driver does not work.

Question asked by chapapa on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by chapapa

Ok here we go.


Sys Info:

Intel Core I5 4670


Samsung SSD

HD 7850

HD 7850

ESXI Hypervisor (Win 7 x64 SP1)

Asrock Z77 Extreme 3

Crimson 15.11.1 BETA (tested with 15.11 aswell, same problem)



I use virtual machines for my computer system. I decided to update from catalyst drivers to crimson. Before the change everything was working peachy. Never change a running system, eh?

I exhausted all my ideas over the past couple of days and reduced the problem to the crimson driver.



I have 2 virtual machines. One for working and one for gaming. For the working environment i used the video card in the first PCIE slot and everything is running fine. Same for the gaming environment. I use the first PCIE slot aswell. So in this scenario i cannot use the machines simultaneously. As i sometimes want to use them simultaneously (for example: working in the working environment, updating in gaming environment) i changed the gaming virtual machine to use my second PCIE slot. Both machines start up fine. Both Video Cards are recognized in the device manager. HOWEVER, i cannot start the the radeon settings in my gaming machine. It gives me an error telling me that the drivers are not functioning properly.



As the PCI BUS changed, the new Crimson driver does not recognize this (Windows does, as the device is correctly listed). Can i somehow change the PCI BUS setting (in regedit for example, but i couldnt find anything). I tried uninstalling the drivers and installing them again. It did not work. What works is the amdcleanup utility, however this is suboptimal for my purposes.

If it was possible to change the pci bus setting somewhere i could do this manually (with a batch file or sth along the line) without having to reinstall everything everytime.


Hope this is enough information, if you need more just ask