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How to rotate screen with the new and "improved" Catalyst Control Center/Radeon Settings?

Question asked by zetapulse on Nov 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by ray_m

CCC updated today & introduced a new Radeon Settings window. Slick, smooth, & honestly I don't care (forgive me if I seem antagonistic).


I have a monitor I can alternate between horizontal & vertical, i.e. landscape and portrait positions. CCC had multiple ways to handle this; you can right-click on the system tray icon, select your display & choose display orientation, or set up shortcut keys for a faster solution.


Come this new update, the first thing I attempted was my shortcut keys. I had hoped that the update would preserve the settings as it had been doing lately, but no luck. Fine, I half-expected that. I went to the system tray icon & the context menu no longer has the setting. It doesn't have any of the previous settings. So I opened it & was introduced to the  new experience.


I swear, I got the same feeling I had transitioning from a Windows start menu to Metro. Which is to say I didn't. I couldn't find any setting resembling changing the display orientation. I opened the advanced settings & was welcomed by the good old CCC that I know. Except a lot has been removed, most importantly, display orientation & shortcut keys.


I tried to reopen the new Radeon Settings but it vanished from my system tray. I'm about to restart my PC just to get it to pop back up, since I can't find the executable, neither in my start menu nor on my HDD.


Why? Just why? Please tell me I'm missing something. If I didn't please just bring it back, or tell me how to bring the old CCC back. I change screen orientation multiple times a day, it's an integral part of my computer usage & I tend to dislike sleeping upset, knowing my PC isn't doing what I want it to do.


Edit: Well, for now I've uninstalled Radeon Settings & installed a previous version of CCC whose setup files were saved to my computer, & everything is peachy. The "Rotate Desktop" function is under the section "Common Display Tasks", just saying. wink wink. hint hint.


And just in case this issue hasn't come up, I've found the cnext.exe process terminating itself for some reason, resulting in what I mentioned above about it disappearing from the system tray. It probably freaked out at how much I freaked out.


Good luck with the new program, it's slick, just needs all the functionality of the old CCC to be implemented before you even suggest updating to it.