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    multi monitor not working after crimson update


      Hi all,


      first of all I'd like to tell you the current problem i am having with the new Crimson update.


      I've only just updated to Crimson software about 30 mins ago and have been playing with the settings ever since with no desired outcome so here i am, the problem i am having is that the new multi monitor display options only gives me the 'Create Eyefinity Display Group' , but i do not want a display group, i want to have 2 monitors with 2 different resolutions and want to make one of them a 'Main Monitor' just like it was before the Crimson update.


      Now im not sure if it is just me being stupid but i cannot find anything that will help me get what i want in the new Crimson software program.


      I'd also like to point out that i have tried every possible 'Eyefinity Display Group' to attempt to make it so, but it seems to only make it as 1 big screen even with the super resolution turned off.


      Can anyone help me get it the way it was pre-Crimson, or will i need to uninstall the new software and get the old software back?




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          I had the same problem after updating to crimson drivers. The solution (for me) was to hit Win-P and click "extend". After that it worked like it used to. It seems something about the AMD install switched the setting to "second screen only".

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            My problem is very similar except that i need to be able to set a preferred display for programs to default to.  I have a 3 monitor eyefinity setup and a 55" TV on HDMI that i sometimes throw games onto.  The option for setting preferred display goes is not visible when i extend the desktops and while running eyefinity it now doesnt even run my TV at the same time.  Acts like it can only run 3 at once now unless they are extended desktops with eyefinity disabled.


            I am about to downgrade to the 15.11.1 beta drivers until this stupid crap is figured out.


            Side note...i see that my original eyefinity preferred display default is there even though my options are gone to change it to something else.